Entry: 'Doing it Again' Friday, November 17, 2017

Not done an entry since October 30th?! Oops...

I'm not sure how much I've done this month - definitely less than I did last month, more library and settling into stuff I guess.

I've been doing a nice amount of going to the gym so I'm not gonna document all of that, but when I went home for a couple of days I did 8km without stopping which I've never done before!! Was v proud of myself

  • Went to a pub quiz at the Birdcage with Rebecca, Owen and Ellie which was fun
  • Had a particularly good day at work, where Ruth won the women MP's static cycle thing and went to a drop-in with Carissa after work which was really fun
  • Went to the pub with Sophie, Mira and Emily from my course after one lot of lectures which was really fun and quite a good '''bonding experience'''
  • After that, went to an immersive theatre experience with Carissa which was actually really good! I thought it would be a bit hammy and tbh it was quite, but we got a couple of cocktails and it was sooo fun
  • Spent a Saturday as a flat baking and stuff which was really nice in preparation to a house party which was quite dramatic and ugh but Alex came which was nice and we hung out and duetted to 'Me and Your Mama' and that was soooo much fun
  • Went to Nando's with Rachel by accident lol the next day, which was nice, then did a bit of work at home and went to the fireworks in Victoria Park in the evening which was really nice, really wintery and other lame shit
  • Went to see Labour of Love with Rachel - went to Spoons first and had a bit more than a bottle of wine each by accident ffs there's a pattern here - was meant to go with Louisa but rebooked to go with her later hahaha
  • One day that I went to the library, I had like a two hour coffee break with Sophie in this really cute little coffee shop and that was v nice
  • Went home for a couple of days, watched sooo much TV on like a large screen and enjoyed the shit out of that, especially Jane the Virgin
  • Went for a coffee with Alex and a coffee with Alice, and fish and chips with my grandparents which was lovely
  • On Friday went to Las Iguanas with Laura and Rachel on South Bank which was really lovely and then South Bank had like all these like wintery pop-ups so we went to a Rekorderlig one and it was so cute, it was fucking expensive though!
  • Had a curry with my mum on Saturday and on Sunday, went to Franco Manca with Louisa for a really nice meal and then to see RUN THE FUCKING JEWELS!!! It was totally emotional because they got me through a lot of my third year of uni and just the message behind their music is so incredibly powerful to me, had a couple of drinks first so was bevved up and emotional and it was so fucking great
  • Work was really fun the Monday after and then went to the Nordic Bar with Rachel which was v nice
  • Then on Tuesday I got an implant put in and then went to the Amersham Arms with Sophie for a couple of pints, and then to see Cleo de 5 a 7 with some of my MA course which was a really pretentious but actually quite interesting French film! After that our course convenor Emma took us to the pub to have a chat and that was v nice
  • Went to benefits training with Carissa this Wednesday and then had a bit of food in Spoons afterwards and then chatted to Jack and Chloe when I got back
  • Had a bit of a draining day at uni yesterday but then came home, napped and chatted to Jack and Chloe
Going out for Rachel's birthday tonight so I'm sure I'll have more stuff to put in here hahaha


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