Entry: Mask on, fuck it mask off Sunday, October 08, 2017

I honestly just forgot to write in here for like a month lol I've done a load of stuff though! I'll just do a little list

  • Got a post-Bestival cold and went to Ole and Steen and to hang out at the river with Alex
  • Went for some cocktails with Louisa at London Bridge Grind and Slug and Lettuce
  • Went to Labour staff drinks with Amy, Carissa and Stuart. We drank loads of free wine then went over to All Bar One across the road, got Jagerbombs and more drinks, had more food, had a DMC with Amy and then Stuart fell on my face on the pavement outside and my glasses are all loose now, suuuuch a fun evening
  • Charlie paid for me, mum, nan, Auntie Ann and Uncle Peter to eat at the Winning Post and it was actually a really nice family meal, never do that!
  • That night I went to Alice's, watched The Ugly Truth and walked Harvey and just had a chill, was really needed, had a girly talk (lol not usually my thing) and just laughed loads and it was great
  • That Saturday I went to Stepney to see my Norwegian girls, and then Kathrine and I went to Gremio de Brixton for Rhian's birthday, Nour and Rebecca and Ellie were also there and it was really fun! First time I'd had tapas and I even tried some squid, really cool underground restaurant and me and Kathrine got some jager and we all had a dance, was v nice. On the way back me and Kathrine got Dixie's, gave a sermon on the steps to some freshers who seemed to think we're the dog's bollocks and then we ate our chips and had a nice chat
  • On the following Monday I went to Spoons after work with Abi and Rachel and that was soooo fun, hadn't done it for ages and was like yas
  • Hung out quite a bit with my grandparents which was really really nice!
  • Went to Brick Lane with Alex and got vegetarian paella which was lovely, had a ridiculously extra mocha in this chocolate cafe and had a look at some vintage shops, was a really fuckin nice day
  • Went to the Brougham with Rachel which was cool, saw Mo there and he was trying to get with her lol
  • Louisa's mum Lynne died, which is horrible, she was such a lovely woman
  • Went to the Cat and Mutton with Nour, Rebecca, Sofie and Emilie because Viktor was here but tbh he was an hour late and wasn't that engaging lol so it was just nice to be with the girls.
  • Mowed my grandparents' lawns and watched an Amanda Knox documentary with mum
  • Viewed a couple of places, one of which I really liked, then the next day took mum to Cafe Venice for her birthday lunch which was well nice and then enrolled at Goldsmiths!
  • Went to the Roxy with Kathrine, Em and Cec (Mats turned up too) and it wasn't that great hahaha
  • Got the keys for the place I saw!! Which I am sitting in typing this now...it's in Shadwell and I have my own fucking balcony, it's SO nice
  • Had fish and chips with mum, nan and grandad which was really nice
  • Induction day at Goldsmiths which was kind of dead tbh but done now
  • Went to Electric Brixton with Abi and Rachel, saw CASisDEAD unmasked which was fucking mental hahahaha honestly such a good fucking night
  • I saw Louisa on Saturday, went to Epsom and we hung out with Caitlin and then went for a walk on the Downs. Considering her situation she seemed as good as you can be, and it was really nice to see her. Then we chilled at hers for a bit more, and then I did some readings at home.
  • Went on the Heaven and Hell tour at work which was actually so sick, really enjoyed it. After work went to the Bear with Alice which was chill and much needed
  • Went for an hour long walk in Isleworth and that was fun, then spent some really nice time in the garden chatting to my grandparents. Saw Doug later lol and that's over, was sad for a couple of days but fine now
  • Hung out with Alex, went to a coffee shop in Richmond that neither of us had realised was there before, and then we got a coffee to go from Whole Foods and went to sit by the river before walking up to Richmond Hill and having a pint at the Roebuck. Put a lot of stuff in perspective and was so nice to hang out with him
  • Had my first proper day of lectures! Urban Field Encounters seemed a bit dead and I think I'll find it quite hard, but Navigating Urban Life seems like an absolute dream and picks up on all of my interests so that was great! Even had someone to have a coffee with at lunchtime which was good, her name is Mira and she's Swedish, not sure if we'll be chatty much but was nice for now.
  • Friday I moved into this place in Shadwell! It's sooo nice so far. I live with a French girl called Chloe, a guy called Jack and a Greek-American guy called Demetri. They all seem really nice, the kitchen and bathroom could be slightly cleaner but I think hopefully we'll work out a rhythm!
  • I went out with Abi on Friday night and we got a free drink at Piccadilly Institute, went for a walk with mini wine bottles and we ended up at Big Chill, sitting in a massive reserved seating area chatting shit and then dancing for way longer than either of us meant to 
  • Saturday I went out with Nour to Westfield, got a load of shit and we had a long coffee break in Costa too, was really nice (could have spent a loooot more than I did hahah), made me realise how happy I am to be back in the east end
  • Went to Nour's for curry on Saturday night, we had a long chat, ate the curry which was beyond good, chatted some more and then Ellie came round and we all just had tea/coke and chatted/bitched lol, was so chill and really nice and easy, proper nice evening!
  • Today I walked to Columbia Flower Market, bought a cheese plant, walked home and am now about to do readings with the cheese plant sitting on the balcony and it's sooooo nice!


November 10, 2017   12:07 PM PST
Great list

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