Entry: Come come my lady Tuesday, August 29, 2017

So I've had an interesting couple of weeks since I last wrote anything on this lol

The Monday after my last entry, after work I went to Rebecca's house as Camilla was over from Norway, so Louisa, Nour and Kathrine were there too and it was v v fun, had an indoor barbecue and some wine and shared a bed with Rebecca which wasn't bad at all!

The day after me, Nour, Rebecca, Louisa and Camilla went for brunch at Caravan in London Bridge which was really nice, and then I went to some shops with Lou and Camilla and watched them get piercings lol, and then went for a coffee and it was v nice

Went to Slough with my mum as a little day trip, was fun but definitely won't be doing that again in a rush lol it's literally Hounslow, and then went for a run with Alex when we came back which was fucking hard work as I'm so used to the treadmill but again, really enjoyed that, and then obviously a quick pint afterwards

On the Saturday went to the pub at Shepperton Lock with Amy and Alice and then up to the Magpie in Sunbury village and it was well nice to have a proper reunion kind of thing! Was so nice to hang out with them, and had a curry with my mum in the evening

Ran 6.4km on the Sunday after which was the dream! It didn't even take that long to do or seem that hard so I was v v happy

On the Monday I had a really tiring day at work, then went to a house viewing for a room I've now taken(!) - in a house on Zealand Road in Mile End, sharing with two girls who I haven't met yet but I'm sure are nice. Then I went to meet Doug (lol) and went round Foyles for an hour which was really fun, and then to this giant Spoons on Charing Cross Road, and nearly fell asleep on the tube on the way home ahaha

Had a couple of really horrible days at work, then went to the gym and met Alex for a coffee up the high street on my day off which was well nice. In the evening me and Rachel went to Abi's, had some wine and listened to some music which was great but some point of the evening must've deteriorated, because I was sick all over my doorstep at 4am ahahahah kill me

On Saturday I went to see Doug (lol) (no seriously lol) (kill me) and we went to Hyde Park for a few hours which was nice, because I was so hungover I wanted to die even more than I usually do and we all know how much that is, but he wasn't a dick about it so it was cool

Sunday went for brunch with Mary(!), Rhian(!), Louisa, Nour, Kathrine and Rebecca, at a place called the Jam Tree in Chelsea which was nice. The prosecco went down v v quickly lmaooo and I don't think any of us were anywhere near sober by the time we left :-)

Then we went to carnival for a while, I knew it wouldn't be the same going with uni people but it was still really fun, had a really nice couple of hours.

On Monday, me and Rach went to Abi's, where Jen was, to have some drinks before going to carnival and it was sooooo sick! We went to the SHY FX stage and the Rampage stage with a couple of others thrown in and then back to SHY FX, which was especially fucking sick, the music went offfff and we were off our tits it was absolutely amazing, such a good day, I did chat a bit of shit to a police officer though and it makes me so annoyed because if I was a PoC it would probably be worse, but honestly just fuck the police! Afterwards we went to Big Chill for a couple of drinks but we thought the dancefloor would be open, ah well, still a bloody lovely day

Today I have spent absolutely dying, reading Homo Deus and hanging out with my nan and grandad in the back garden, before work tomorrow :-)


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