Entry: L.o.v.e.l.e.s.s generation Tuesday, July 04, 2017

I haven't done an entry for so long! I've done a load of fun stuff since the last time:

The Tuesday after Nour stayed round, me and Rachel went to Hampton outdoor pool because I had a day off and it was 30 degrees, and bloody hell it was soooo nice! We hung out in the pool and had a little sunbathe on the grass and it was well nice to be in water in that heat, but I hardly got a tan. Oh well. Then Rachel came back here for a bit and we shared a bottle of gross fruit wine and some grape juice and vodka lmao and listened to some Kendrick Lamar and it was just sick

On the Thursday I went to St. James' Park after work with Louisa, Nour, Sam, Kathrine, Rebecca and Ellie and we all hung out and sat in the sun which was just lovely, hadn't seen some of them for ages so it was great for us to all be able to catch up, and some of us had ciders and I enjoyed that v v much

That weekend I had a really good gym session, then went to Hammersmith Belushi's in the evening - we had some drinks here and that was really fun, we had a little dance, and I got with a fucking 19 year old at the place hahahaha but it was a bar full of right creeps so except for that it was well good!

Had a couple of really nice afternoons with mum, nan and grandad sat in their garden having a little chat too, really enjoy sitting in the garden with them and hanging out!

Ryan came into work all of last week, from Infusion to Parliament isn't too bad! It was great to have him all week, we've always gotten on really well. On Tuesday Carissa and I went to Sports for a quick drink and gossip after work which I really enjoyed.

I had the Thursday off and did a really good 5km in the gym, one of the best I've done for ages, and then hung out with my grandparents which was v nice before meeting Alex at the Nelson for a couple of pints before going to a reeeeaally bloody tedious CLP meeting! Neither of us had really eaten though so we were both quite tipsy, not sure how we would've got through it otherwise.

Friday was my last full time contracted day at work and it was pretty boring but went for a quick drink with Ryan and Carissa after, and then me and Rachel went to Abi's where Jen was staying all weekend and after having some really funny predrinks we headed out to Fabric! Really enjoyed the predrinks and Fabric was so sick, wasn't sure at first because it wasn't as intense a feeling but we were definitely feeling it because we managed to stay out until 5.30! Some really sick music and got to see Benny Page who was sick, and Shadow Child who definitely wasn't that great...really good night out that was very needed

Saturday I woke Rachel up earlier than she would've liked hahahaha and then when everyone was awake we went to have breakfast, Helen had got loads of sick shit in so had mushrooms and poached egg on a muffin and a pan au chocolat which was well nice

Then we went to Hounslow Aldi and Feltham Aldi in search of those frozen cocktails and into a car wash which was soooo sick! I'm quite easily amused lol and when I got home I mowed some lawn and then we chilled out

Sunday me, Rachel and Laura were picked up by Abi and Jen and we had some cocktails and drinks at hers before getting the train up to the Brixton rooftop beach thingy in order to be agents of gentrification. It was fun and it was really warm but my back was dying and the music wasn't really my sort of music but hanging out with them all was still really nice, Lisbitches reunited! One of the nicest weekends I've had for a very long time :-)

Yesterday I went to work to do a handover withh Stuart and it was chill, then went to an all member CLP meeting in the evening with Alex, and Bassit who I hadn't seen since college was there and it was sick to see him! Got my student loan statement through though and I'm a cool 48000k in debt which is kind of more funny than anything else haahahah


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