Entry: Debuting summer weather Sunday, June 18, 2017

Been quite eventful since the last post!

The week after we came back from Jen's was just full on canvassing - did loads of Ivybridge on the Monday and some school gates, but I got a break on Monday evening to go to Zizzi's with Eline and her parents, my mum and Nour, which was lovely - including a leaflet drop at 10pm on Wednesday night with my mum. I didn't think we had any chance of winning because of the massive national swing towards the Tories but we held the seat with a 12,000 majority, up from a 465 marginal before! Very exciting. On the actual day we did 13 hours of canvassing, 15 miles walking and me and Amy ran around running our own board until the last possible minute! It was actually really exhilarating.

The day after I drove to Thames Court in Shepperton for a drink with Alice which is ironic since she's my only Tory mate, and that was v v nice. The day after that was a Saturday, and Louisa and me went to the Comptoir on Kingston riverside, and then a pub called the Bishop for an aperol spritz or two and it was well nice to catch up and stuff.

The Sunday I went to the gym - I forgot how much I like doing that on Sundays over the election period - and then had dinner with my mum and grandparents, and had a really nice chat with my grandad about his life between leaving Greenock and moving to Jersey and it was so interesting.

Monday I was at home in the morning and got bored so wrote an article quickly that then got picked up by Consented lol which I was quite pleased about, then went to Flower's house with Rachel to hang out with them and lovely Misty, then we moved to Meadway with a speaker and it was a v nice v warm afternoon!

Tuesday and Wednesday at work were just a bit dead tbh, I am really worried about what it'll be like when I finish doing full time because I'm really bad when I don't have structure, but I'm also bored at work and have lost all motivation to do my job hahaha. I had Thursday off and had a really nice time at the gym because it was all without rushing, hung out with my grandparents and didn't do all that much! Friday at work I just talked to Amy all day basically and then went to a lovely pub called the Magic Garden and then a bar called Lost and Co with my friend Amy in the evening which was so much bloody nicer than I thought it'd be!

This weekend Nour came to stay, and it was bloody 30 degrees! We went to Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park which was lovely, although not quite as pretty as other people's instagrams make it seem like it would be! Then Rachel drove us to Tesco and we all got some cans of mojito and cosmo and Pimm's and other gross stuff that shouldn't really be distilled into cans as well as a fucking awful bottle of strawberry god knows what, and then me and Nour came home and had a curry and watched First Dates which was soooo fun!

Then we left and went to Richmond with Abi and Rachel, we walked up to the hill as the sun was setting and stayed there with the cans and the speaker away from like everyone else all night, and as we were thinking about going home Abi bought a very nasty bottle of wine from the Roebuck, and we all had a dance and a chat and watched the sun set and it was a really fuckin nice evening! We made some toast when we got home and went to bed and it was a 10/10 day :-)


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