Entry: Ain't nobody praying for me Sunday, May 14, 2017

Well following from the last entry, LC! was amazing and Gareth made bare references to how shite the Tories are and it made me v v happy

The day after was my last day in Parliament, worked late to try and get through as much casework as we could and it was weirdly exhilarating! The next day we moved to 367 which was nice, nice to be around more people including Jack the organiser, who is pretty funny, and the day after we all went to the pub for his birthday and Rachel was at work too! She's been in three days so far and will be tomorrow, which I think might be the last one, designing our leaflets, and it's been sooooooo nice

It was also a year since Tabitha died which was shit but you know, you can only do so much.

That Friday ended with a pub trip with Rachel and Abi which was quite nice, just a standard pub trip, and on the Saturday I spent three hours leafleting for Rupa Huq with Carissa and then we went to Franco Manca for her birthday which was nice! On the Sunday I went to the gym, hung out with grandad on the golf course and then had dinner with nan and grandad. In the evening me and mum had some wine in the garden which was nice!

On Monday everyone was in the office, which was nice, and Stuart helped me get through some work which was really handy. There's a cat that keeps coming in, he's ginger and a bit nitty but I love him! Wednesday was good, Rachel was in again and we all questioned Ruth to get her ready for hustings, and she gave us some sass and it was v funny. The actual hustings went pretty well considering we weren't in a natural Labour area and everyone came along, and we went to the pub after to celebrate which was v v fun!

Thursday and Friday were really stressful days but on Thursday after work, me and Louisa went to Vodka Revs in Clapham for a couple of hours which was much-needed and very nice! Best pornstar martinis I've ever had (lol)

On Saturday this week we got a bloody car after a year of not having one which is sooooo nice! I hung out with my grandparents in the afternoon then in the evening, went to Brick Lane for a curry with Louisa, Kathrine, Mary, Rebecca, Nour and Ellie which was suuuuch a bloody nice curry and so much fun! It's one of the best meals we've ever gone for, and afterwards ended up in a pub in Liverpool Street watching the Eurovision results and it was v v v good and needed and made me want to move back up there so much!

Today I went to the gym and then hung out with grandad on the golf course for half an hour, had dinner at theirs and then went for a drive with mum which was well nice after so bloody long! That was sick and now I've done a bit of admin stuff and I actually don't feel bad, because I felt crap this morning. Hopefully this week will be a good one!


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