Entry: Be weary Monday, May 01, 2017

Oh god everything has been so OTT. A general fucking election was announced literally the day after my last post so I haven't had a minute spare to do another blog but here I am squishing one in

I'm not going to even bother chronicling the amount of running around we've been doing but there was a last housing meeting, a last surgery, endless amounts of casework to drag through, looooads of Labour stuff to get ready and between all of it I feel v frazzled but kind of excited too (I did get to have a lunch with Kathrine though which was v nice and needed and a glass of wine with Rachel after work on the last surgery day)

Last weekend Alice and I went for a 5km park run which didn't involve as much running as I'd like but was incredibly nice even though the weather wasn't great, and was a different way of starting a Saturday, before seeing nan and grandad for some lovely homemade chips! In the evening Alice and Amy came round to mine and we had some drinks and cake before going out to Be at One to celebrate Alice's birthday (it was also Earth Day. Earth Day birthday) which was v v fun but ended a bit too soon. On Sunday me and mum got an H28 and then a 111 and it was really good, I love a bus!!

After work last Monday I went to London Bridge for some drinks with Alex which was fun, wasn't going to stay for long but then ended up having three glasses of wine and being quite tipsy and getting some McDonald's for the train, we had a chat about everything and it was v v nice

Didn't do anything after work the rest of the week during to be being fuckin knackered but I was SO ready to go out on Friday and I went to the Bussey Building with Rachel and Abi after some predrinks at Abi's house - and it was soooo good! I've wanted to go there for ages and it lived up to expectations, it was so huge and we listened to this sick unsigned rapper called Gray and then Cadenza did a fucking sick DJ set and it went off tbh, played loads of Drake which Rachel went mad for then Afrobeats which I went mad for and it was just suuuuch a good evening, went on for ages but in a good way and the sun was coming up as we were on a bus over Westminster Bridge and it was just blissful

Got in at 6:30am and slept until 1, did a couple of hours of casework and then went to sit with nan and grandad for a while which was really nice, came back and did a bit more casework but didn't do much more!

Sunday Abi drove Rachel and I to Westfield and we had suuuuch a nice day! We did loads of shopping - I bought four tops, all of which I really really like, and a bra thingy, and everyone bought stuff they really like which is nice. We went to Wagamama for food which was bloody lovely (salmon teriyaki soba say what) and it was just really cute and fun! Listened to sick music there and back too which was nice.

This morning I went to the gym and finally submitted my scholarship application, and thought I was going to chill but have had to do loads of work :-( Los Campesinos! with Nour tonight but I'm so stressed again that I'm not sure I'm in the mood!


May 8, 2017   04:30 AM PDT
Gosh, I do enjoy your writing style. I like your blog :)

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