Entry: Sit down, be humble Monday, April 17, 2017

I've had over a week off work and it's been the nicest week of the year! I don't think I'm cut out for that employment lifestyle you know...

On Sunday I hung out with my grandparents and then went to Meadway with Alice and Amy and had some ciders which was v nice

Tuesday was definitely the best day, I met Alex and we got some beers and went to the riverside with the speaker which is basically what we do whenever it's above like 18 degrees hahaha

We just chilled and had some debates about fourth wave feminism and shit, and talked about life stuff, and it was sunny and lovely and it's so nice to see people you haven't properly seen for ages! We stayed there until like 5 and then I had to pop home because I was going for dinner with Abi which is a v cute idea on her part

We went to Zizzi's in Twickenham and I had the same lentil thing I had at Laura's birthday and we shared a bottle of wine and got matching well nice vegan pudding things and talked about how cute our waiter guy was because he was like 12, and it was v different and nice! I thought I wanted to go home after but we ended up at Spoons sharing another bottle of wine - obviously - after saying that we should do more things without alcohol...oops...10/10 day though, one of the nicest of the year

Wednesday I went to Hayes to meet Laura and we walked her dog and then went to Uxbridge for food in Spoons and a bitch, which was much-needed, and then for another drink in a different pub and it was great to see her as well!

Thursday I ran 5km without stopping which I'd never done before so I was absolutely chuffed, then I spent some time reading on my bed with a Spotify mix on which was soooooo nice, probably because I don't remember the last time I had a chance to do that. Then I hung out with my grandparents for a while which was also v nice, and went to Spoons with Alice for a couple of drinks which I was a bit tired for but enjoyed when I got there

Friday I got ready to go to Bath to visit Mary! Not much to say about the actual day (except Kendrick dropped a new album which I literally listened to on loop for hours and I am SO excited about still) but when I got there we had SUCH a good time

We had a really nice falafel-hummus-etc kind of dinner and then had a bottle of prosecco whilst we got ready to go out, then walked into town already tipsy to go to this pub called the Pig and Fiddle and we met her friend Jack, sat with him and chatted and then her friend Becky joined us. Then we moved onto a bar and sat there for a while and I chatted to a dnb DJ (who will hopefully become something so I can say I knew about her hahahahah) before going onto a dnb club called The Nest which was sooooo sick, exactly my kind of music and it went off tbh

Then we went to a place called The Common Room where we stayed for the rest of the night, had a good mix of pop stuff and slightly more niche stuff, good dancefloor and we drank exactly the right amount to have an amazing time without feeling crap! It was brilliant, and we walked home and ate lots of crisps and went to bed at 5am and it was one of the best nights out I've had for a long time

On Saturday we woke up at like 10.30 and got ready slowly before heading into Bath for brunch, we went to a place called the Wild Cafe and had suuuuch a nice vegetarian brunch which was so needed before moving onto a place called Beyond the Kale to have some really cool cakes that were all like raw vegan but tasted AMAZING. Then we walked home, drove to a National Trust place called Dyrham Park, went on a huuuuuge long walk in this beautiful park and saw deer and it was so lovely and really 'bracing' I guess lol if I was yer da and I spoke like that.

Then we made pasta with chunky vegetables and sat in front of a film with ice cream and blankets and were in bed by 11.30! #party

On Sunday we walked to Bath and I fucked off on the coach, and then we had a really nice evening at home with curry and the Palestinian film Omar and a couple of episodes of The Thick of It, sooooo needed

This morning I beat my best ever 5km time (but did stop to retie my hair up so...not the same as Thursday) and did some weights so am very happy and later will go to Abi's with Rachel for some pasta and maybe some wine! Back to work tomorrow but I don't even mind right now :-)


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