Entry: T-shirt weather in the manor Sunday, April 09, 2017

Done quite a lot since the last entry :-)

Went to Liverpool and Rochdale with Ruth to look at empty houses which was pretty cool, I was genuinely shocked by the scale of some of the deprivation which I guess means I need to get out of my London bubble more lol but the day itself was v v interesting and enjoyable

I only worked a half day on the day after because I was so tired, and went to Bill's with Rachel and Abi for lunch afterwards which was v nice and chilled, and then saw my grandparents which is always nice

Went to the Blucher with Alice for an evening, fuckin love the Blucher and it was a sick evening and then the next day, went to Camden with Rachel and Abi to look for vintage clothes, and we all bought cord shirts which is for obvious reasons ridiculous. Also looked in Cyberdog (including the sex bit, who wouldn't) and ended up on the roof terrace of a pub with fish and chips and a couple of pints in the sun which was soooo nice, until it bloody rained! It was still a really great day though

Rushed home from that and went straight to Epsom for Louisa's birthday night out, which was in some dead club lol and tbh didn't enjoy that too much, wasn't at all the kind of club that I'd want to be in but the next morning chilling out round the breakfast table was quite nice.

On Sunday when I came home I saw my grandparents for an hour and then Abi picked me up and we went to Putney to watch Oxford vs Cambridge! Where she works has a balcony overlooking it and I fuckin love that elitist shitshow for reasons unknown to me, so it was sick! Had like six glasses of free prosecco which helped me cope with the incredibly Tory company that I was in, and we had a really good time I think! On the way back her mum took us to Spoons for another bottle of prosecco which was well nice, suuuuch a good day!

On Monday Rachel and I went to a talk at the RA on the function of modernist architecture in the post-war period and I was in my bloody element as you can imagine, and we went to Be at One beforehand so that made it even better!

Wine Wednesday was next obviously (quite proud that I went to the gym on Tuesday despite being out every fucking evening basically) and that was as fun as it usually is, and we sat on this bench watching swans afterwards, before going to Be at One but Abi tried to smuggle a bottle out as she normally does but bloody got caught, they were really nice about it when they could have been dicks but it put her in a shit mood and a bit of a dampener on our night!

On Thursday I got to work from home, and 'worked' in the garden on my Goldsmiths application and felt v accomplished because I basically finished it, so I was so happy, and had my Spotify daily mix on, did a bit of reading and chilled and it was so so lovely. Tanned all my back and got to see my grandparents too, got done for the evening really early and had a proper chilled evening.

Friday was boring but I managed to run 4km at the gym without stopping, when I've never done more than 1.5km without a short break before, so I was absolutely thrilled tbh. My fitness levels have improved so much in the last year and it makes me properly happy to see it paying off, and when I got home me and mum had fish and chips (which are really a feature of this post).

Yesterday I had a lemonade with my grandad at the gym, and then went to Richmond to meet Louisa, and we had food and a drink on the balcony of Revs (no surprises to learn I had fish and chips) and then we went down to sit by the river for a couple of hours which was v v nice because the sun was banging it out tbh

Came home for an hour or so then went to Rachel's, sat in the garden with her for a couple of hours and then we met Alex down the Nelson which was actually really fun, got a few more drinks and chatted shit and it was gr8! I now have a week off work which I am thrilled about tbh, so everything is good (until in a week when I have an aneurysm from the stress of how much work has piled up!)


April 10, 2017   03:29 AM PDT
Good stuff. :) Had fun reading this.

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