Entry: Best to you Sunday, March 26, 2017

This week has been a bit of an odd one but I know next week will be busy af so the last thing I'll want to do is write about this one as well!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I felt horrible (which I now realise is because my vitamin B12 hadn't had time to sink in yet) so I really didn't do much at all, and then on Wednesday there was an attack on Parliament...

It's weird because in years to come I can say that I was there in the biggest terror attack (seeing as no motive has been firmly established I am cautious about using the word terror) since 7/7. We were going to go for a cigarette but an MP rushed and started shouting at us, and we thought it was a joke but it was an actual terror attack and we were watching it on the BBC. We were cooped up until 8pm and it was boring af but we sat in Stephen Timms' office and had biscuits and wine so that made it a bit more bearable, and actually getting out was an absolute nightmare! It took ages and I had to get an uber to the pub that I was meant to have met my uni friends at two and a half hours earlier but finally got there.

Had a glass of wine and a sambuca shot because I was so done with the situation, and it was Nour, Rebecca, Kathrine, Sam, Holly and Ellie and it was v nice indeed!

On Thursday I worked from home for obvious reasons lol and then in the evening went to Amy's house, and her mum had left us a curry she'd cooked and we had that and cheesecakes and drinks and listened to music and chatted allllll evening, and it was sooooo nice!

Friday work was really stressful but in the evening, me and mum went for a Jolly's for Mother's Day and it was sooooo lovely, then had a chill at home :-) Saturday I went to the gym, then Hounslow, and then in the evening out to Drapers for Merger Cup with Sof, Emilie, Cecilie and a couple of other really nice Norwegian girls that I hadn't really met before, and it was a really fun night!

Today I just died slowly and then helped mum mow nan and grandad's lawns, and then we went for a Starbucks and it was v nice!


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