Entry: Your doorstep first place podium Sunday, March 05, 2017

I feel like I've done quite a lot since the last entry but I might be kidding myself lol

  • I was at a meeting with TfL which I found pretty interesting and that day I went to the pub with Alice and Carissa who I thought would get on well, and they did which was nice
  • I had annual leave on the Thursday which was soooo nice even though it was the biggest storm day and windy af, me and mum went to the cat cafe which was properly nice and then had a walk down Brick Lane and the vintage shops and obviously Urban Outfitters, where I bought amazing (but expensive) trousers, and also got a pitch to Consented magazine accepted :-)
  • Chilled at Abi's with Rachel on the day that Stormzy and Los Camp! albums came out and they are both SO good
  • On the Saturday, I went to Hounslow and saw my grandparents and then met Nour for a coffee in Brick Lane (fucking £3.50 for a soya matcha latte and yes, I know how awful I am that I ordered that) which was nice, then we went to Rebecca's house and met Ellie and had wine and crisps and a gossip all evening which was v v fun and I enjoyed v much
  • Sunday I went to the gym and had a coffee with Grandad afterwards which was really nice! Then went to grandparents' for a roast and in the evening, chilled with mum watching The Butler which was a really nice way to end the weekend
  • Birthday was OK and went to Cafe Venice with mum in the evening which was really nice!
  • Got a book of Audre Lorde essays and tickets to the Brixton rooftop beach from work :-)
  • Went to a Channel 4 diversity lecture at work and oh my god all the white guys were actually horrendous but Riz Ahmed spoke and he was amazing! Inspiring and even borderline revolutionary, made the day a lot better! After work I went to the gym and had a really good time
  • Friday I worked from the civic centre and it was fine, went for a couple of glasses of wine at the pub with Alice afterwards which I think was just very much needed! I picked up fish and chips for me and mum and we had them and that was nice.
  • Saturday was birthday day! The day was pretty nothingy but then Rachel and Abi came round and Abi had made a Thai Sweet Chilli crisps cake!! It was brilliant, so realistic and I was sooo happy, and then we got on the train very baitly drinking wine lol and it was fuuun. Got up to Sofie, Emilie etc's flat and had pres there, did ring of fire, Mary got me a mug that says 'dick', got a book of drinking games, a bottle of sambuca and a bottle of tequila and Nour got me a bloody print of Los Camp! lyrics which is absolutely amazing and I love v v much
  • We went to the Macbeth and it was really fun, the music (90s vs 00s) was good and I had a good dance but I lost Eline (she came back for it!!!) for a good portion of it and I was really weirdly tired which was a bit annoying, but still had fun! It was realllllyyy nice to see most of my friends and get to hang out with everyone :-) Left and Rachel puked in a drain lmao and we had to sit with this girl whose friends had abandoned her and was too fucked to leave so getting home took quite a while but it was still a really fun night and I enjoyed it loads!


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