Entry: Whisperin', glistenin' Sunday, January 22, 2017

Quite a busy week for the first time in a while because I seem to be actually better, three weeks after bloody contracting the last thing, four weeks since the cold and five since I fucked my foot in the door at Laura's! And it feels sooooo nice

On Monday work was as usual but had a coffee with Damon which broke up the day and was v nice and then watched some crap TV at home, Tuesday I went to the gym and did an actual workout for the first time in ages and it was so ridiculously cathartic! I also wrote an article about Killer Mike which I really enjoyed, made me realise how much I miss writing even though I'm not actually sure how good I am at it

Wednesday after work I went to Pizza Express in Richmond with Amy and Alice which was so bloody lovely! I couldn't even finish the pudding because I just have no appetite in comparison with what I had before I was ill and hopefully am going to be able to keep up with that. It was a really chilled out meal and afterwards we went for a drive in Alice's car and it was v v nice

Thursday Grandad ended up going to hospital which was obviously shit but he seems to be recovering now so fingers crossed on that front, I really hope so.

Friday fucking Trump was inaugurated (lol) so we're all doomed, but except for that didn't have a bad day! Got to leave work early and saw nan and grandad for a couple of hours which was really nice, and then went to Abi's house with Rachel and we had mojitos, none of which were particularly appealing, listened to loads of good music and some Abba(???) and I posed for a photoshoot on the floor, got some good video of that, discovered Ben Chipps, got a nice video of Rachel twerking and it was so nice

Saturday I went to the gym in the morning which I really enjoyed, hung out with nan and grandad all afternoon which was v nice and Sebastian came in the evening. We had fake chicken burgers and watched Horrible Bosses and that biopic of Amy Winehouse which was fascinating and felt a bit intrusive at the same time

Today we woke up - I feel like I've hardly slept - had some food and went to get some trains, all of which were fuckin delayed or cancelled, but finally I made it to Angel for Rebecca's birthday. Me and Nour got a coffee first and sat for a while before going to this pub called the Island Queen which was v sweet and overpriced, it was really nice to see everyone and was a really chilled out afternoon which I enjoyed a lot. Roast was really nice, drinks were really nice, everyone seemed happy and relaxed and I have felt it way more this week too! :-)


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