Entry: We'll take it from here Sunday, January 15, 2017

So, since the last entry a couple of cool things happened and then I got ill af and have hardly been able to do anything!

The day before NYE I went to Kingston with Alex, he tried some shoes and aftershave and we went to Five Guys and tried the new gross fizzy drink flavours, and then he came back to mine and we had coffee from the cafetiere that mum bought me for Christmas and peppermint tea, and listened to Kaytranada, watched the Chicken Connoisseur and chatted for a while and it was v nice :-)

On NYE, I went to Electric Brixton with Rachel and Abi and it was sooo much fun! We dropped before going in and it was good, it lasted until like 2am and we watched Disciples do a headline set and all these balloons came down for the new year and everyone was being really nice and saying happy new year to everyone and it was sick! Did it again at like 2am and Rach needed to sit down for a while so we all sat down on these seats and it was chill and just felt so relaxed, had another dance then another sit down on this ledge where we could see the whole venue and then a final dance to Shadow Child and it was just so so so fun!!

The day after I thought I was dying for the usual reason but I was actually bare ill with a fever, and I didn't leave the house for three days but I did watch Hypernormalisation by Adam Curtis finally so I guess that's good!

I got to see quite a lot of nan and grandad which was really nice, and managed to go to the pub with Abi, Rachel, Kinga and Laura but I felt pretty shit while I was there which sucked, worked from home/Starbucks the day after which I actually really enjoyed, and took Sebastian for a birthday meal afterwards.

Felt a little bit better on the Saturday and met Mary and Rebecca in Richmond, and we walked to the Roebuck and met Louisa, Rhian and Kathrine and we had a really nice chatty pub lunch and then a walk up to and through Richmond Park and saw loads of deer! That was really nice, then had a walk down the river with Mary, Kathrine and Rebecca on the way back to the station and that was v nice too. In the evening I watched the Theory of Everything with mum which was cute, and the next day hung out with nan and grandad and then watched Community and Sherlock with mum which was nice.

This last week I've been feeling weird, like ill but mentally there, and I went to the Fox with Rachel and Abi on Tuesday but I think I was still too ill to drink and I felt properly shit after it, like pukey ill.

This Friday I went up to London after work to the Slug at Waterloo for Ellie's birthday, had two weak cocktails and felt OK. It was really nice to see everyone, I hadn't seen Sam for a couple of months or Holly since like graduation so it was really cute, but I was still pretty tired. Was worth it though!

This weekend I haven't done v much, I went on a nice walk yesterday and discovered a nice pub by the water in Isleworth and I really want to go there when the weather is nicer, really enjoyed that, and hung out with nan and grandad for a couple of hours. Watched some embarrassingly shite TV with mum in the evening and have had a headache all day today but got to spend some time with nan and grandad, although grandad seems to have got something like my virus which sucks :-(


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