Entry: Merry Run the Jewels 3-mas Thursday, December 29, 2016

I accidentally haven't written in here for ages lol so starting from the 12th, after my last post:

  • We did a constituency tour in the car which I found really fun, and after work I went for drinks in Kings Cross Be at One with Lou, Kathrine, Ellie and Rebecca which was actually so fun and cheered me right up
  • Went to Southampton for Laura's birthday with Rach and Abi! We drove down which was fun and then went for a really nice dinner at Zizzi's with her and her frankly boring af housemates, then got ready quickly and had a fun predrinks, and then queued for like 10 years to get into bloody Oceana but when we actually got in it was so fun!! Laura stayed with us for most of the night and we danced to shit music and got cheap drinks and it was v v fun but then I shut my foot in her door when I got back and couldn't sleep because of the pain :-)
  • We realised in the morning my foot is actually pretty fucked and Ruth's husband brought round crutches when I got back which was nice, crutches that I ended up being on for a bloody week!
  • On the Saturday I went to London with Louisa and we had lunch at Pizza Express and then walked (hobbled) down towards South Bank via a Pret and had a wander round the Christmas market but didn't spend anything and despite the foot it was v cute
  • In the evening Abi and Rachel came round to drink wine and listen to music and we listened to the happy birthday Olivia songs and watched some crap memes and it was v v fun
  • After work the following Monday we went for a couple of drinks in the Sports which was actually pretty fun
  • Tuesday got a present from Ruth - a mini bottle of Lanson! - and went for a couple of mulled wines with Alice in the Anglers, with my best mate the crutch after work
  • Wednesday and Thursday I was properly ill but exchanged presents with Sebastian who bought me some really nice white and silver Reeboks which was nice :-)
  • On Friday I went to Richmond with Alex and had a wander round Whole Foods and a coffee before we came back to mine, made (bitty) mulled wine and drank that while listening to Childish Gambino and then watching Community which I enjoyed v much
  • Next day was Christmas Eve, went to the gym for the first time in a while because of the foot and really enjoyed that, then had a coffee in the cafe there with grandad which was v nice! Hung out with him and nan in the afternoon then watched Community and Bridget Jones with mum in the evening drinking the posh Lanson champagne that Alice bought me for my 21st!
  • Christmas Day was nice too, got some lovely clothes and some money and vouchers and a cafetiere! There was no running water in the morning so me and mum went up Whitton to get bottled but we couldn't, but Abi drove to Esher and bought some for me too which saved the day! We had some Baileys an of course a nice dinner then me and mum went for a walk and then hung out with nan and grandad a bit more before going home to watch Bridget Jones 2 and have prosecco and I found out that Run the Jewels 3 had been released which is like the best Christmas present ever!!
  • Boxing Day me and Rach did our annual shopping trip, I bought yet another black mesh top and some really cool bright pink work trousers and that was fun, saw my mum and grandparents for a while and then went to Abi's where Jen was(!!!) with Rachel and Laura. We had a bottle of wine each and did our secret santa presents, Laura had me and got me like a care package thing with dry shampoo, hairspray, Jager, two books, makeup wipes, etc etc!! And it was v v cute and I was like aw I have the best friends
  • Then we went to the Blucher and had a couple of bottles there before going into Kingston to Viper Rooms which wasn't actually that bad! The music was quite good and Jen got with this guy hahaha and it was just a v good night
  • Tuesday I went to Staines with my mumma and finally found some black work trousers that suit me! We got lunch in the M&S cafe and had a wander and she got a new phone and it was v nice but v fuckin cold
  • Yesterday I went to Amy's with Alice and we half watched Suicide Squad and chatted and had the culinary genius that is spaghetti and fish fingers, and it was v nice to catch up and not really spend any money
  • After that I went to Winter Wonderland with Rachel, Laura and Abi and it was actually really fun even though I've been in a weird mood all week and wasn't necessarily looking forward to it, we went to the big tent with the stage and had a couple of drinks there before going to the carousel bar and that was fun too, got a crepe and went in a fun house and that was hilarious, really really enjoyed it! Went to Maccy's afterwards obv, but had a really really lovely time :-)
  • Today I feel really down for god knows what reason - maybe months of pretending I Am Fine All The Time?! - so I went to the gym and now am in bed with my electric blanket listening to RTJ3 and soon I'll read and it's so nice to just have some time on my own.


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