Entry: Donde esta la blblioteca Sunday, December 11, 2016

Done some cool stuff since the last entry and some less cool stuff - such as getting hugely sucked into Community again...but except for that:

  • Two different people told me I'm good at my job and I had fish and chips with my fam :-)
  • Went to lunch in the Fallow Deer with Amy and Liz, who I haven't seen for like a year, before going for a v cold walk in Bushy Park which was really nice!
  • Went to Toddla T's Winter Carnival with Abi and Rachel and fucking Sean Paul was a surprise guest?!?!?! It was soooo sick, we saw Nadia Rose and Charlie Sloth, and Redlight did a really good set and we were all out of it but it was really really good!! We went outside and the oval construction outside and the view were amazing, Rach got all emotional and we were like lol ya pussy but it was actually v lovely
  • Went to an anxiety inducing and terrible work meal, the less to be said about that the better lololol
  • Facetimed Alex which is always nice
  • Went to the Slug and then to Be at One with Rachel and Abi, drank copious amounts of wine and found prop Santa hats and glasses and candy canes and me and Abi screamed some 80s lyrics to each other and danced the shit out of everything and it was gr9 fun and reminded me of how we went out a couple of summers ago - cue sad face
  • Had annual leave on Thursday, went to the gym which was great, hung out with my grandparents, watched some Community and then in the evening Rach came round to watch the Louis Theroux Scientology documentary and a documentary about suicides on the Golden Gate bridge, and we drove to Maccy's as well n it was cute
  • Me and my colleague sacked off work for an hour to chat which was fun
  • Sebastian came round and we cooked chilli con quorne with jalapenos and it was soooo nice! In the morning we watched some Community and chilled, in the afternoon I went to the Press Room with Amy then hung out with my grandparents and had the pengest curry with mumma
  • Today I did 6km in the gym and am now lifting 15kg, which might not be much but it's way more than I could do a year ago! It's been quite a good week :-)


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