Entry: 'Charlotte, shouting' Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Not that much has happened since I got back from Bergen, except I finally stopped being ill and have managed to get a semi-regular gym routine going again, which is making me feel a lot better :-) except for the gym which is definitely only fun whilst in the heat of it - semi pun not intended - not to reminisce about, here's what else I've been doing:

  • Went to Sketch with Amy and Alice for Amy's birthday which was beautiful - three (awful) cocktails came to £47 and it was intimidatingly bourgeois to the point where I felt slightly distasteful for being there when you know, poverty exists. I'm not actually sure that any of us particularly enjoyed it but I got a photo with the egg pod loos so there ya go
  • I saw Sebastian on the Friday and we didn't do much except for him downloading Logic for me, and on the Saturday I saw nan and grandad which was v nice before going to Rachel's for her birthday
  • The predrinks were lovely - Abi made a lovely ice bucket cake, Abby, Anna, JP and Kim all came and we drank - or some of us did, and played Cards Against Humanity and it was really fun and nice to have at least six yucky sluts in a room together, it was literally the same as it was years ago which was v nice and we just had bare jokes (I hate myself)
  • Then we went to go to Cargo and Alfie didn't show up - because he was arrested lol - and Rach cried and it was all a huge mess but at least I got McDonald's chips out of it
  • The week after we had the Shadow Housing Team away day and I actually felt like I was doing a political job for once! It was v interesting and made it all slightly more accessible and it was just cool to see stuff and be in Labour HQ lol
  • Tuesday I had lunch with Kathrine in Costa which broke the day up nicely and we had a big fat fuck off gossip, and then went with Ruth to Louisa's company's Parliamentary reception in the evening for an hour which was cool to an extent but awfully corporate for a third sector event too
  • Did interval running at the gym on Wednesday which I was proud of and went for a quick Costa with Alice on the Thursday
  • On Friday went to the pub round the corner with Sebastian which was a nice change! Not before leaving work an hour early and going to the Black Friday sales before popping in to see my grandparents...
  • On Saturday morning me and Sebastian just chilled and then I met Alice for another coffee at this really nice coffee place in Hampton Hill, before going to the gym and really mixing up what I was doing which I enjoyed! Then in the evening went to Cafe Venice with mum which was really really nice :-)
  • Sunday was lovely! I went for brunch in Exmouth Market with Louisa, Mary, Rebecca, Sam, Nour and Kathrine - and Amalie put in a brief appearance! - and I think we terrorised the poor French waiter, we got loud (or I did, but not sure it was just me) and all had a catch up and chatted about our lives, and it was so nice to see Sam after so long as well! It was just sooo fun, food and prosecco were lovely and it felt exactly the same as uni, if not better because it wasn't just convenience now!
  • Then Mary, Rebecca, Sam and I went to an underground wine bar off Charing Cross for another bottle that I don't remember drinking and stuff that I don't remember talking about but I do remember laughing a lot and it was really really fun! I really hope we do it again as soon as the manic Christmas period is over
  • Monday and Tuesday of this week have been fine, work was nice today as I got to do a load of research and then I saw Amy for a bit in the Fox :-) 


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