Entry: This is north south east and western Thursday, September 29, 2016

Since coming back from Bestival I'm not really sure what I've done! I think it's random bullet point style stuff so here goes...

  • Went for a coffee with Damon and to the pub with Abi and Laura which was so nice despite the fact it was fuckin Hounslow
  • Went to Cafe Venice with Sebastian which was v nice, chilled with him and then went to see Bridget Jones's Baby with Amy and Alice the next day
  • Went to Hounslow and Tesco with mum in one day, got an iPhone 6S
  • Gym after work!!! For the first time in forever!!!
  • Alex came round for curry and a beer and it was so sick, #banter was had and I'm gonna miss him when he's at uni
  • Went to Topolski with Sebastian after work last week and had a drink and then went home and watched Gogglebox :-) and on the Saturday went to Wimbledon and Kingston with Rachel and Abi and the clubs were kind of shit but it was so nice to go out!
  • Sunday I spent with my grandparents and then went for a walk which was v nice
  • Monday I went for after work drinks with Amy which was really nice and stayed out later thanI meant to, we sat outside Topolski until it got v dark and yeah :-)
  • Yesterday I had lunch at Spoons with Kathrine in Victoria and then went to Hail Mary after work! I met a load of Scandinavians in the Victoria (a theme is emerging) and spent most of my time talking to Sofie and Emilie until Kathrine came, and then when we got into Drapers it was everyone but still the four of us dancing loads
  • Drapers was soooo sick but I did feel quite old lol and when we left me and Kathrine walked to McDonalds and then went back to hers to sleep, and I went to work and then a Mogden meeting on three and a half hours sleep lol but it was so fun!


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