Entry: Big up the Brentford massive Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Done a lot since the last blog :-)

On the first Saturday of September I moved out of my uni house for the last time and went out with Eline and her friend and Kathrine and some of her friends to the Queen of Hoxton after shopping in Westfield and a curry and that was so fun! Danced a lot and stuff :-) and had brunch with Eline on Sunday at the Chesterfield which was well nice

Tuesday night I went to Abi's house to see her and Jen and Rachel came too, we had wine and danced to the playlist we made for the journey down which was quite ridiculous but soooo fun, enjoyed that so much

Thursday we went to Bestival!! Flower drove down soooo early in the morning and we listened to the playlist and it was so sick, the queue was less so - we had to stand for three and a half bloody hours with our bags but when we got the tent up and had cider and went to explore the festival ground it was like yeee this was worth it

Friday we chilled in the tent, drank and did glitter make up and it was so nice to relax and have like no obligations lol, we went to see Years and Years, Damian Marley, Skepta and Major Lazer and jfc the last two were soooooo good, went to see Diplo after but it wasn't as good as last time because we couldn't get close, and then the others went to see Katy B but I was way too tired

Saturday was good, we went to see Lady Leshurr and Craig David who were both so good, then back to the tent to drink before going to Kurupt FM, and I was so tired but we dropped and then I felt gr8, Flower was fully fully gone hahah but then she perked up and Kurupt FM were sooo sick, we were basically at the front and we danced all through that shit :-) and we stayed for Goldie's set, I've never really listened to Goldie but it was absolutely sick, he played Marka at the end which we went off for and we were all actually at the front and I wasn't tired and I was unbelievably happy! We went back to the tent and chatted for ages and it was #sick - Jen also told us she used to think the German for I love you was icky licky dicky which made me laugh so much

Sunday was sick too but the toilets were fuckin filthy - we went to see Krept and Konan and Kano but we were so knackered we sat down for most of it, Abi was in a bit of a state in the morning hahah and we were all on a massive go slow and I bought a v phallic looking bit of liquorice but lost it in the dirt :-(  but at night we went to see Sean Paul who was actually underwhelming and then to the forest, then we saw Fatboy Slim which was pretty sick although repetitive and I was chewing my bloody cheek off, saw a bit of Shadow Child and back to the tent for a v short sleep but man despite how disgusting I felt it was such a good weekend and I have a bit of festival blues now (and a massive cold)

Monday we packed up really early and drove back, me and Abi had a chat and Rachel and Jen slept in the back and we had ferry breakfast and I keep saying and and I hope we get to do it all again!


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