Entry: Lyrics for lyrics calm Thursday, September 01, 2016

I honestly haven't done much since the last blog except be tired and rundown and stressed and sad lol

I went for cocktails with Amy and Alice at the Be At One on Greek Street but then cried on the way home hahaha

Ooooh I had one nice day, it was mine and Sebastian's anniversary and we went to the cat cafe and I love the cats so much jfc and then packed up some of my stuff and then went to the People's Park Inn for the first time ever and it was soooo lovely, sat out in the garden and was v cute (how many 'ands'?! I can write I promise)

Rebecca came to visit me at work last Friday and we had fish and chips on the terrace :-)

Saturday I packed up more of my shit and brought it home, Sebastian helped and then me and him went for brunch at the Chesterfield and then a walk by the canal and a shandy by the Palm Tree which was lovely :-) have done a lot of hanging out with my grandparents too which has been v nice

Sunday went to the gym for the first time in ages which was so nice, and went again on Monday to a class which I'm quite proud of myself about! It was Body Pump which hurt like fuck tbh but was soooo fun

I went to meet Amy after that at the Fallow Deer which was nice then we walked to Teddington Lock and sat for a bit

Tuesday, Wednesday and today have been shit at work lol but on Tuesday went to the pub with Abi, Abby and Rachel and that was soooo nice! Love the Blucher, and then boy people came and I was like meh but whatever I guess, and then me and Rachel went back to Flower's house for an extra vodka just like she never left! Which was gr8 :-)


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