Entry: 'I'm just so angry all the time' Monday, August 15, 2016

I went to Berlin! I'm not even going to try and be chill about it bc I'm fully not looool I loved it

The week just gone all I did was go to Franco Manca and Chiswick Tabard with Sebastian before I went to Louisa's after my half day on Friday, her stepdad drove us to the airport and we had Nando's and Spoons before meeting Camilla in the departure lounge and then playing would you rather on the plane which was well fun

When we got to the hotel we were like dead so we just went to bed, and when we woke up the next morning we went to Distrikt in Mitte for breakfast and I had buttermilk pancakes, they were sooooo nice!! We walked to the German Parliament after that and from there to the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and the memorial for murdered Sinti and Roma, and then the Holocaust museum all of which was v interesting but v sobering

We then walked to Kreuzberg through Tiergarten and it was really cute, we stopped for a drink and then went back to the hotel to chill for a while before going out again. We went through Viktoriapark by accident but we found a cool stream where you can see a street at the bottom and a really cool statue in the middle so it was all good! We then went to a really nice Italian but there was cheese in my pasta :-( but it was still so good! We just talked and then we were laughing about the bit in Harry Potter where he's like 'I'm just so angry all the time' and idk why it was so funny but it was

We went to two bars after that, one of which served huuuuge and very alcoholic cocktails and then one where I had a naan bread too and then we went back to the hotel

When we woke up the next morning we were starving and we bought pastries that none of us really liked before buying bread in Yorckstra├če and going onto a bit of the Berlin Wall where you could see from a viewing platform where the people were shot between the walls and then a museum that explained about the process of splitting the city and its resistance which I found v interesting

Then we went to the East Side Gallery which was so interesting, the murals were so brilliant and we saw an exhibition on one side of Syrian refugees who had been affected by the revolution in Syria and its aftermath. We went to a restaurant on the river and it was all just v cute but then we had to go back to the hotel because Camilla had to catch a flight :-(

After Camilla left me and Louisa sat in the hotel lobby for a bit to recuperate and then went to Neukolln for Sudanese food at a place called Sahara and omg it was so fucking good I can't even explain, and I wish I could have explored that area more, we spent like the whole meal bitching it was great hahahaha

Then we went to the airport and our flight was delayed :-( so we were soooo tired and we went straight to bed and I had three hours sleep so today I am dead but it was a 10/10 weekend!!!


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