Entry: A winner don't quit on themselves Sunday, July 24, 2016

#tfw u a graduate

I feel so nostalgic for some aspects of uni! But that is all of us in one boat and tbh I'm sure that'll hit more in September so let's just let that stew for a while

Monday I didn't really do anything and then on Tuesday went up for my graduation, it was 32 fucking degrees which made me want to die but it was quite cool! Got a lot of good pictures etc and was nice to see all my friends again but didn't really get that much of a chance to actually talk to anyone. It was quite cool when they said 'graduating with first class honours' before my name though :-) then went for curry with my mumma but it was still sooooo hot and the curry was sick but we were so tired

Went back up on Wednesday for Eline etc's business graduation and saw a load of people which was nice and much more relaxed, more of my friends do business so it was v nice to hang out and not wear the robes, that was cool and then went to Spoons with Mary before we saw Camilla and Louisa at a pub in London Bridge for a drink

Thursday I watched three episodes of Jane the Virgin in the day bc I'm disgusting and then went to Mary, Rebecca and Ellie's flat for predrinks, Eline and Vilde, Sam, Camilla and Nour were there too and it was so fun, we played loads of Cards Against Humanity and then some of us went to the Book Club but we left at 1am, I was dying looooool but it was such a fun night!

Friday I felt like death and went home around lunchtime before Sebastian came round and I napped with him, I was so dead, and then in the evening we ate in the garden and hung out in the garden and it was just v nice

On Saturday we went to the park in Meadway and had ice cream and sat in the sun, and then walked back through Crane Park and it was lovely and warm and then after I came home I went to meet Abby for an hour and we went to see Rachel at work before I went to meet Amy by the river for a picnic and beers, which we did for hourzzzzz (was v fun but I was v tired), I hadn't seen her for ages so it was lovely!

Today I went to the gym and didn't do much and slept at my grandparents' but this evening after collecting a guitar Sebastian came round and it was lovely! He really does make me smile v much :-) he was so excited about the guitar and idk I hate being soppy but he really is wonderful. Work tomorrow...weird to think that's my life now for like a year!


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