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Charlotte. I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Check your facts.

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Monday, February 20, 2017
Brand brand new

So, the last week has been mildly eventful lol

Last Monday Abi and Rachel came to work and we did a tour and went out on the terrace and it was v fun indeed, after work I met them at a pub/bar thing called Studio 6 and Coleen Nolan was there looking haggard af and it was jokes

Tuesday was boring af but I went to the gym afterwards and really enjoyed it. Work was fine on Wednesday, we had a team meeting in All Bar One which was interesting and then I went to Slug and Lettuce with Rachel and Abi, we obviously ended up in Be at One and not so obviously ended up by the river where Abi threw up and she and I fell over looool it was sooo much fun

Thursday was fine, not much happened and I got to call Alex on the way home which was nice. Friday I worked from home/Starbucks and got to hang out with my grandparents and all that which was good, and then me and mum went to Franco Manca in Chiswick and had pizza (obviously cheeseless for me) and it was v v nice!

Saturday I bought a really cool dress, and then in the evening me, Rachel and Abi (can you see a theme emerging here) went to see Wilkinson and it was absolutely fucking live except for all the topless guys here there and everywhere. The music was sick and we'd been waiting for it for ages so it was so good!

Then we went to Big Chill in King's Cross because it was free, it was really fun and had a lovely roof terrace although the music was a bit cheesy, and yeah I don't know really but it was all in all a good night even though I get the feeling I embarrassed myself a little bit by gushing lmao but I guess we've all been there

Then yesterday and today I've felt quite sombre. Sebastian and I have been on a break that I instigated for over a week and I have no idea what the right decision to make is, which is obviously fantastic, so yeah everything is rosy :-)

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Sunday, February 12, 2017
I overcome so you overcame

So, since the last entry

  • I've protested against Trump after work with a lovely (cough) office-made silence is complicity sign
  • Got back into my twice a week gym routine which seems to be doing wonders for how good I feel in myself
  • Went to see A Streetcar Named Desire and have a glass of wine at Hampton Hill Playhouse with Alice which was soooo fun!
  • Had a couple of after-work drinks with Carissa
  • Beat my 5km PB twice! First last Sunday and then beat that this Sunday so I'm pretty pleased
  • Went to Nour's birthday, saw her flat and did some pretty chilled predrinks before going to this bar but her utter bitch of a friend (the 'ugh, who eats Spoons food' girl) got into a fight with a bouncer and got everyone kicked out because she is Utterly Selfish
  • Facetimed Alex which was v nice
  • Got told my job is full on and I'm good at it by John Healey's political adviser which was an absolute confidence boost
  • Got told by Ruth that I'm cleverer than her (guessing she meant at my age) which was another huge confidence boost!
  • Went to Anna's with Rachel after work, watched a horror called The Boy and chatted (got Maccy's before obviously) and it was chilled and nice to catch up (god I hate that term so much)
  • Saw Lion with Sebastian, which was a really really good film
  • Went to Zizzi's with Amy and had really good food, then went to watch The Play That Goes Wrong which was actually better than I thought it'd be, despite being a bit too stupid at points, and then ended up in a Canadian pub which was actually so fun! Really really good evening
  • Today after beating my PB again I had a coffee with grandad in the gym cafe and I've seen my grandparents quite a bit which is really nice :-) not a bad week this last week!

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Sunday, January 29, 2017
Breathe + stop

This week has been nice! Just chilled out after work on Monday and Tuesday which was quite nice, on Wednesday we went to Hail Mary though!

I went to Kathrine's after work and we got ready and had some (gross) prosecco, and then went to Scape and played this weird drinking game and then got ready to go, and it was really fun! I spent all night with Kathrine and a lot of it with Sofie, Emilie and Swedish Sebastian and it was jokes, went to McDonald's with Kathrine and Sebastian after and had some banging chips and that was really nice

Thursday at work following on from that was obviously hell but got to have fish and chips with mum, nan and grandad afterwards which was v nice indeed :-) and then on Friday I got to work from home/Costa which was also nice, and then afterwards Rachel ran me down to Tesco and I do really like big Tesco ahahaha

Sebastian came round and we watched some shit TV and I made pasta and that was nice to just have a chill, then on Saturday morning I popped to Hounslow and then watched Mr. Robot's season 2 finale finally, and seriously being at work really makes watching TV in the middle of the day feel like such a luxury!

Then I started getting ready and got trains being v overdressed to go over to Mile End for Kathrine, Sofie and Kristine's birthday celebrations and I was so early but it was nice and we chatted and I talked to Emilie for a really long time which was v nice, we played a game of ring of fire, completely butchered happy birthday and it was all good!

We went to the Hoxton Pony and even the uber there was so fun! I always feel guilty per se being in an uber but it was v v fun and the club was so good too! Had a sit down and a dance and the music was really sick, really enjoyed dancing and Kathrine's friend loves grime so we had a good chat about that and a really weird dance off where I must have looked like an absolute twat but I thought I looked good at the time and that's what matters I guess! It was suuuuch a fun night out :-)

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Sunday, January 22, 2017
Whisperin', glistenin'

Quite a busy week for the first time in a while because I seem to be actually better, three weeks after bloody contracting the last thing, four weeks since the cold and five since I fucked my foot in the door at Laura's! And it feels sooooo nice

On Monday work was as usual but had a coffee with Damon which broke up the day and was v nice and then watched some crap TV at home, Tuesday I went to the gym and did an actual workout for the first time in ages and it was so ridiculously cathartic! I also wrote an article about Killer Mike which I really enjoyed, made me realise how much I miss writing even though I'm not actually sure how good I am at it

Wednesday after work I went to Pizza Express in Richmond with Amy and Alice which was so bloody lovely! I couldn't even finish the pudding because I just have no appetite in comparison with what I had before I was ill and hopefully am going to be able to keep up with that. It was a really chilled out meal and afterwards we went for a drive in Alice's car and it was v v nice

Thursday Grandad ended up going to hospital which was obviously shit but he seems to be recovering now so fingers crossed on that front, I really hope so.

Friday fucking Trump was inaugurated (lol) so we're all doomed, but except for that didn't have a bad day! Got to leave work early and saw nan and grandad for a couple of hours which was really nice, and then went to Abi's house with Rachel and we had mojitos, none of which were particularly appealing, listened to loads of good music and some Abba(???) and I posed for a photoshoot on the floor, got some good video of that, discovered Ben Chipps, got a nice video of Rachel twerking and it was so nice

Saturday I went to the gym in the morning which I really enjoyed, hung out with nan and grandad all afternoon which was v nice and Sebastian came in the evening. We had fake chicken burgers and watched Horrible Bosses and that biopic of Amy Winehouse which was fascinating and felt a bit intrusive at the same time

Today we woke up - I feel like I've hardly slept - had some food and went to get some trains, all of which were fuckin delayed or cancelled, but finally I made it to Angel for Rebecca's birthday. Me and Nour got a coffee first and sat for a while before going to this pub called the Island Queen which was v sweet and overpriced, it was really nice to see everyone and was a really chilled out afternoon which I enjoyed a lot. Roast was really nice, drinks were really nice, everyone seemed happy and relaxed and I have felt it way more this week too! :-)

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Sunday, January 15, 2017
We'll take it from here

So, since the last entry a couple of cool things happened and then I got ill af and have hardly been able to do anything!

The day before NYE I went to Kingston with Alex, he tried some shoes and aftershave and we went to Five Guys and tried the new gross fizzy drink flavours, and then he came back to mine and we had coffee from the cafetiere that mum bought me for Christmas and peppermint tea, and listened to Kaytranada, watched the Chicken Connoisseur and chatted for a while and it was v nice :-)

On NYE, I went to Electric Brixton with Rachel and Abi and it was sooo much fun! We dropped before going in and it was good, it lasted until like 2am and we watched Disciples do a headline set and all these balloons came down for the new year and everyone was being really nice and saying happy new year to everyone and it was sick! Did it again at like 2am and Rach needed to sit down for a while so we all sat down on these seats and it was chill and just felt so relaxed, had another dance then another sit down on this ledge where we could see the whole venue and then a final dance to Shadow Child and it was just so so so fun!!

The day after I thought I was dying for the usual reason but I was actually bare ill with a fever, and I didn't leave the house for three days but I did watch Hypernormalisation by Adam Curtis finally so I guess that's good!

I got to see quite a lot of nan and grandad which was really nice, and managed to go to the pub with Abi, Rachel, Kinga and Laura but I felt pretty shit while I was there which sucked, worked from home/Starbucks the day after which I actually really enjoyed, and took Sebastian for a birthday meal afterwards.

Felt a little bit better on the Saturday and met Mary and Rebecca in Richmond, and we walked to the Roebuck and met Louisa, Rhian and Kathrine and we had a really nice chatty pub lunch and then a walk up to and through Richmond Park and saw loads of deer! That was really nice, then had a walk down the river with Mary, Kathrine and Rebecca on the way back to the station and that was v nice too. In the evening I watched the Theory of Everything with mum which was cute, and the next day hung out with nan and grandad and then watched Community and Sherlock with mum which was nice.

This last week I've been feeling weird, like ill but mentally there, and I went to the Fox with Rachel and Abi on Tuesday but I think I was still too ill to drink and I felt properly shit after it, like pukey ill.

This Friday I went up to London after work to the Slug at Waterloo for Ellie's birthday, had two weak cocktails and felt OK. It was really nice to see everyone, I hadn't seen Sam for a couple of months or Holly since like graduation so it was really cute, but I was still pretty tired. Was worth it though!

This weekend I haven't done v much, I went on a nice walk yesterday and discovered a nice pub by the water in Isleworth and I really want to go there when the weather is nicer, really enjoyed that, and hung out with nan and grandad for a couple of hours. Watched some embarrassingly shite TV with mum in the evening and have had a headache all day today but got to spend some time with nan and grandad, although grandad seems to have got something like my virus which sucks :-(

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Thursday, December 29, 2016
Merry Run the Jewels 3-mas

I accidentally haven't written in here for ages lol so starting from the 12th, after my last post:

  • We did a constituency tour in the car which I found really fun, and after work I went for drinks in Kings Cross Be at One with Lou, Kathrine, Ellie and Rebecca which was actually so fun and cheered me right up
  • Went to Southampton for Laura's birthday with Rach and Abi! We drove down which was fun and then went for a really nice dinner at Zizzi's with her and her frankly boring af housemates, then got ready quickly and had a fun predrinks, and then queued for like 10 years to get into bloody Oceana but when we actually got in it was so fun!! Laura stayed with us for most of the night and we danced to shit music and got cheap drinks and it was v v fun but then I shut my foot in her door when I got back and couldn't sleep because of the pain :-)
  • We realised in the morning my foot is actually pretty fucked and Ruth's husband brought round crutches when I got back which was nice, crutches that I ended up being on for a bloody week!
  • On the Saturday I went to London with Louisa and we had lunch at Pizza Express and then walked (hobbled) down towards South Bank via a Pret and had a wander round the Christmas market but didn't spend anything and despite the foot it was v cute
  • In the evening Abi and Rachel came round to drink wine and listen to music and we listened to the happy birthday Olivia songs and watched some crap memes and it was v v fun
  • After work the following Monday we went for a couple of drinks in the Sports which was actually pretty fun
  • Tuesday got a present from Ruth - a mini bottle of Lanson! - and went for a couple of mulled wines with Alice in the Anglers, with my best mate the crutch after work
  • Wednesday and Thursday I was properly ill but exchanged presents with Sebastian who bought me some really nice white and silver Reeboks which was nice :-)
  • On Friday I went to Richmond with Alex and had a wander round Whole Foods and a coffee before we came back to mine, made (bitty) mulled wine and drank that while listening to Childish Gambino and then watching Community which I enjoyed v much
  • Next day was Christmas Eve, went to the gym for the first time in a while because of the foot and really enjoyed that, then had a coffee in the cafe there with grandad which was v nice! Hung out with him and nan in the afternoon then watched Community and Bridget Jones with mum in the evening drinking the posh Lanson champagne that Alice bought me for my 21st!
  • Christmas Day was nice too, got some lovely clothes and some money and vouchers and a cafetiere! There was no running water in the morning so me and mum went up Whitton to get bottled but we couldn't, but Abi drove to Esher and bought some for me too which saved the day! We had some Baileys an of course a nice dinner then me and mum went for a walk and then hung out with nan and grandad a bit more before going home to watch Bridget Jones 2 and have prosecco and I found out that Run the Jewels 3 had been released which is like the best Christmas present ever!!
  • Boxing Day me and Rach did our annual shopping trip, I bought yet another black mesh top and some really cool bright pink work trousers and that was fun, saw my mum and grandparents for a while and then went to Abi's where Jen was(!!!) with Rachel and Laura. We had a bottle of wine each and did our secret santa presents, Laura had me and got me like a care package thing with dry shampoo, hairspray, Jager, two books, makeup wipes, etc etc!! And it was v v cute and I was like aw I have the best friends
  • Then we went to the Blucher and had a couple of bottles there before going into Kingston to Viper Rooms which wasn't actually that bad! The music was quite good and Jen got with this guy hahaha and it was just a v good night
  • Tuesday I went to Staines with my mumma and finally found some black work trousers that suit me! We got lunch in the M&S cafe and had a wander and she got a new phone and it was v nice but v fuckin cold
  • Yesterday I went to Amy's with Alice and we half watched Suicide Squad and chatted and had the culinary genius that is spaghetti and fish fingers, and it was v nice to catch up and not really spend any money
  • After that I went to Winter Wonderland with Rachel, Laura and Abi and it was actually really fun even though I've been in a weird mood all week and wasn't necessarily looking forward to it, we went to the big tent with the stage and had a couple of drinks there before going to the carousel bar and that was fun too, got a crepe and went in a fun house and that was hilarious, really really enjoyed it! Went to Maccy's afterwards obv, but had a really really lovely time :-)
  • Today I feel really down for god knows what reason - maybe months of pretending I Am Fine All The Time?! - so I went to the gym and now am in bed with my electric blanket listening to RTJ3 and soon I'll read and it's so nice to just have some time on my own.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016
Donde esta la blblioteca

Done some cool stuff since the last entry and some less cool stuff - such as getting hugely sucked into Community again...but except for that:

  • Two different people told me I'm good at my job and I had fish and chips with my fam :-)
  • Went to lunch in the Fallow Deer with Amy and Liz, who I haven't seen for like a year, before going for a v cold walk in Bushy Park which was really nice!
  • Went to Toddla T's Winter Carnival with Abi and Rachel and fucking Sean Paul was a surprise guest?!?!?! It was soooo sick, we saw Nadia Rose and Charlie Sloth, and Redlight did a really good set and we were all out of it but it was really really good!! We went outside and the oval construction outside and the view were amazing, Rach got all emotional and we were like lol ya pussy but it was actually v lovely
  • Went to an anxiety inducing and terrible work meal, the less to be said about that the better lololol
  • Facetimed Alex which is always nice
  • Went to the Slug and then to Be at One with Rachel and Abi, drank copious amounts of wine and found prop Santa hats and glasses and candy canes and me and Abi screamed some 80s lyrics to each other and danced the shit out of everything and it was gr9 fun and reminded me of how we went out a couple of summers ago - cue sad face
  • Had annual leave on Thursday, went to the gym which was great, hung out with my grandparents, watched some Community and then in the evening Rach came round to watch the Louis Theroux Scientology documentary and a documentary about suicides on the Golden Gate bridge, and we drove to Maccy's as well n it was cute
  • Me and my colleague sacked off work for an hour to chat which was fun
  • Sebastian came round and we cooked chilli con quorne with jalapenos and it was soooo nice! In the morning we watched some Community and chilled, in the afternoon I went to the Press Room with Amy then hung out with my grandparents and had the pengest curry with mumma
  • Today I did 6km in the gym and am now lifting 15kg, which might not be much but it's way more than I could do a year ago! It's been quite a good week :-)

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016
'Charlotte, shouting'

Not that much has happened since I got back from Bergen, except I finally stopped being ill and have managed to get a semi-regular gym routine going again, which is making me feel a lot better :-) except for the gym which is definitely only fun whilst in the heat of it - semi pun not intended - not to reminisce about, here's what else I've been doing:

  • Went to Sketch with Amy and Alice for Amy's birthday which was beautiful - three (awful) cocktails came to £47 and it was intimidatingly bourgeois to the point where I felt slightly distasteful for being there when you know, poverty exists. I'm not actually sure that any of us particularly enjoyed it but I got a photo with the egg pod loos so there ya go
  • I saw Sebastian on the Friday and we didn't do much except for him downloading Logic for me, and on the Saturday I saw nan and grandad which was v nice before going to Rachel's for her birthday
  • The predrinks were lovely - Abi made a lovely ice bucket cake, Abby, Anna, JP and Kim all came and we drank - or some of us did, and played Cards Against Humanity and it was really fun and nice to have at least six yucky sluts in a room together, it was literally the same as it was years ago which was v nice and we just had bare jokes (I hate myself)
  • Then we went to go to Cargo and Alfie didn't show up - because he was arrested lol - and Rach cried and it was all a huge mess but at least I got McDonald's chips out of it
  • The week after we had the Shadow Housing Team away day and I actually felt like I was doing a political job for once! It was v interesting and made it all slightly more accessible and it was just cool to see stuff and be in Labour HQ lol
  • Tuesday I had lunch with Kathrine in Costa which broke the day up nicely and we had a big fat fuck off gossip, and then went with Ruth to Louisa's company's Parliamentary reception in the evening for an hour which was cool to an extent but awfully corporate for a third sector event too
  • Did interval running at the gym on Wednesday which I was proud of and went for a quick Costa with Alice on the Thursday
  • On Friday went to the pub round the corner with Sebastian which was a nice change! Not before leaving work an hour early and going to the Black Friday sales before popping in to see my grandparents...
  • On Saturday morning me and Sebastian just chilled and then I met Alice for another coffee at this really nice coffee place in Hampton Hill, before going to the gym and really mixing up what I was doing which I enjoyed! Then in the evening went to Cafe Venice with mum which was really really nice :-)
  • Sunday was lovely! I went for brunch in Exmouth Market with Louisa, Mary, Rebecca, Sam, Nour and Kathrine - and Amalie put in a brief appearance! - and I think we terrorised the poor French waiter, we got loud (or I did, but not sure it was just me) and all had a catch up and chatted about our lives, and it was so nice to see Sam after so long as well! It was just sooo fun, food and prosecco were lovely and it felt exactly the same as uni, if not better because it wasn't just convenience now!
  • Then Mary, Rebecca, Sam and I went to an underground wine bar off Charing Cross for another bottle that I don't remember drinking and stuff that I don't remember talking about but I do remember laughing a lot and it was really really fun! I really hope we do it again as soon as the manic Christmas period is over
  • Monday and Tuesday of this week have been fine, work was nice today as I got to do a load of research and then I saw Amy for a bit in the Fox :-) 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Barcelona, Berlin and now Bergen

I've done some cool things since the last time I wrote in here :-)

In the first week, I went for dinner with Alice at Cafe Venice which was really nice - 3 courses and a glass of wine for £20.20, get in mate - and then we popped to the pub and it was chill. I also went to see I, Daniel Blake at the cinema with my mum and it reignited a lot of my righteous anger for the fucking Tories! The day after I had a nice day at work with Carissa and then went to see A Streetcat Named Bob with Sebastian after, which was a comparatively much more heartwarming film and a nice end to the week!

At the weekend I had a Spoons breakfast with Sebastian, went to Kingston with Abi in a failed attempt to get a present for Rachel, and then after popping home went to see the Kempton Park fireworks with her and Rach which was v nice, then we went to Spoons again - keepin it local - where they now do a bottle of prosecco for 11 quid, so guess what I went for, and then we went back to Flower's house for a bit more drink and to see her lovely cat, and Steve came in absolutely fucked which was jokes, lovely evening and went to the gym on Sunday morning which I absolutely love doing! Grandad had dinner with us on the Sunday which was unprecedented and really lovely, and we all had a nice long chat after dinner before a chill evening with Humans and Black Mirror.

The next week, I Facetimed Laura for two fuckin hours after work on Monday and went to see The Girl on the Train with Carissa on Tuesday - film wasn't that great but it was really nice to do something different outside of work! Wednesday, we actually had a work lunch which is unusual and v nice, and after work I went to the Slug and Lettuce with Rachel and Abi where we got through three bottles of wine, then onto Be at One where we had another bottle of wine and the basement all to ourselves so we were being proper losers and having a little dance and it was great!

Then on Friday, I worked half a day from home and then got ready to go to Norway!! I only just realised that this year all the places I've visited abroad have started with B - Barcelona, Berlin and now Bergen! I arrived at midnight-ish Bergen time and Eline's parents had done crisps and dips and cava which was v v cute! Also had this fizzy Christmas drink called Julebrus which was siiiick and tasted so bad for me

On Saturday Eline's parents did like a buffet breakfast and it was lovely, everything tasted gr9 and it was just so sweet of them! After that we went to Eline and Hakan's flat and I went to the city centre with both of them, and then Hakan left and me and Eline had a proper look in some clothes shops which is always fun

Then we met Kaja and went food shopping, cooked and watched some awful English TV crap before getting ready, then Eline's other friend Mariell came over and we did drinkinnnnn and listening to Spotify and it was well sick m8 and then we went to this bar called Brukbar, Mariell was too drunk so had to leave and then after a while Hakan came, we did loads of singing and stuff and it was really nice, and Hakan bought me v nice chips from the kebab place on the way back!

We stayed up and talked about loads of stuff for a while when we got back and Hakan was more chatty because sometimes he's quite shy, then I went to sleeeep and on Sunday we went up a mountain! It's called Mount Fløyer and we got a cable car/train thing up which was so cool and when we were up there we saw goats and I love goats so much!!! So that was v exciting, as was getting to see Bergen from that high up and you know, actually being on a mountain. Afterwards we had cinnamon buns at this bakery and then in the evening went back to Eline's parents where they cooked and we chiiiilled

On Monday morning we went to what seemed like outlet stores or was maybe just a more suburban shopping centre and we had a drive around which I always like doing as well. Then I had to fly home which kind of sucked but when I got home I had a proper shower and hair wash and then watched the TV adaptation of one of my favourite books, N-W by Zadie Smith, with mum and it was actually v nice!

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Monday, October 31, 2016
All my people

I've been p ill since a day after the last blog lol so I'm not sure how much I've actually done

In the first week, I went for cocktails with Louisa at the Slug and Lettuce after work and the next day to Spoons with Rachel, Kim, Abi, Abby and Kinga which was so nice!! Haven't seen everyone - majority of the yucky sluts - together for ages and it was sick, was kind of like the old times (have been majorly missing college recently which is a bit odd), we ended up talking about squirting again, god knows why this always happens with them. I didn't go to work the next day because I was too ill but I did go to the Fallow Deer in Teddington for lunch with Rachel and Abi which was v nice indeed, and hung out with Sebastian on the Friday evening

At the weekend I went to Bath with Louisa, Rebecca and Ellie for Mary's birthday, we got a coach and that was fine, I found out I can play back 1Xtra shows on my iPad which has given me no end of joy since and the afternoon was nice, we just chilled at her house etc etc and the predrinks were fine even though I didn't like her friends that much, and going out was horrendous because I felt so ill hahahaha

The next day we went for a walk round Bath which was lovely, it was nice to see all the sights again after a couple of years and we had coffee in Jacob's which is a v nice coffee shop, and then we got the coach back again

Last week at work we had work experience all week, they were both really funny which was good! Went for fish and chips at nan and grandad's after work last week which was nice, on the Tuesday had a coffee with Kathrine at lunchtime and went to Amy's after work and we just ate and chilled. On the Wednesday I came home from work early for a doctor's appointment just to be told it was viral. On Friday Ruth took us for cake which was v fun and cute, then I gave Viktor and Swedish Sebastian a tour of Parliament which was pretty cool and we had coffee afterwards, which was nice, then I came home and felt pretty ill lol

On Saturday Eline's parents took me and Nour and Sebastian and a couple of Eline's cousins for lunch at Pizza Express which was v nice and then in the evening me and Rachel and Amy went up to Sofie/Emilie etc's flat and Kathrine and Viktor were there too to go out for Halloween! The predrinks were fun and cute and stuff but not that many of us went out and I don't think anyone was that much in the mood which sucked a bit. It was still a good night though!

Sunday was a really nice day, I got up late and was quite productive with sorting stuff out, and then we went to nan and grandad's for dinner and after a while came home and then I finally felt well enough to go for an hour long walk which I really really enjoyed! Then I had a bath with a bath bomb, Facetimed Alex for a bit and then it was the new series of Humans which I love

Today I gave Eline's parents a tour of Parliament and whilst I was on the tour we saw Dennis Skinner lol and I saw Kasim from college!! That was amazing but we didn't get to talk for ages but still, it was really cool especially considering how much I've been thinking of college recently :-) quite an awesome thing to happen at work.

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