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Sunday, June 18, 2017
Debuting summer weather

Been quite eventful since the last post!

The week after we came back from Jen's was just full on canvassing - did loads of Ivybridge on the Monday and some school gates, but I got a break on Monday evening to go to Zizzi's with Eline and her parents, my mum and Nour, which was lovely - including a leaflet drop at 10pm on Wednesday night with my mum. I didn't think we had any chance of winning because of the massive national swing towards the Tories but we held the seat with a 12,000 majority, up from a 465 marginal before! Very exciting. On the actual day we did 13 hours of canvassing, 15 miles walking and me and Amy ran around running our own board until the last possible minute! It was actually really exhilarating.

The day after I drove to Thames Court in Shepperton for a drink with Alice which is ironic since she's my only Tory mate, and that was v v nice. The day after that was a Saturday, and Louisa and me went to the Comptoir on Kingston riverside, and then a pub called the Bishop for an aperol spritz or two and it was well nice to catch up and stuff.

The Sunday I went to the gym - I forgot how much I like doing that on Sundays over the election period - and then had dinner with my mum and grandparents, and had a really nice chat with my grandad about his life between leaving Greenock and moving to Jersey and it was so interesting.

Monday I was at home in the morning and got bored so wrote an article quickly that then got picked up by Consented lol which I was quite pleased about, then went to Flower's house with Rachel to hang out with them and lovely Misty, then we moved to Meadway with a speaker and it was a v nice v warm afternoon!

Tuesday and Wednesday at work were just a bit dead tbh, I am really worried about what it'll be like when I finish doing full time because I'm really bad when I don't have structure, but I'm also bored at work and have lost all motivation to do my job hahaha. I had Thursday off and had a really nice time at the gym because it was all without rushing, hung out with my grandparents and didn't do all that much! Friday at work I just talked to Amy all day basically and then went to a lovely pub called the Magic Garden and then a bar called Lost and Co with my friend Amy in the evening which was so much bloody nicer than I thought it'd be!

This weekend Nour came to stay, and it was bloody 30 degrees! We went to Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park which was lovely, although not quite as pretty as other people's instagrams make it seem like it would be! Then Rachel drove us to Tesco and we all got some cans of mojito and cosmo and Pimm's and other gross stuff that shouldn't really be distilled into cans as well as a fucking awful bottle of strawberry god knows what, and then me and Nour came home and had a curry and watched First Dates which was soooo fun!

Then we left and went to Richmond with Abi and Rachel, we walked up to the hill as the sun was setting and stayed there with the cans and the speaker away from like everyone else all night, and as we were thinking about going home Abi bought a very nasty bottle of wine from the Roebuck, and we all had a dance and a chat and watched the sun set and it was a really fuckin nice evening! We made some toast when we got home and went to bed and it was a 10/10 day :-)

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Sunday, June 04, 2017
London to Lutterworth: 'finger my crack' edition

It's been a very busy couple of weeks!

The day after I last did a post, I went to Cafe Venice with my mum which was v nice, and when Rachel was in work we bought some Alcohol Based Drinks (TM) - nobody knows what's in those cans do they? - and that was nice too, but work has been very worky ahhaha

On that Friday I sat on the green in Twickenham with Rachel and Abi after driving to Sainsbury's, and then later went to the Blucher and Abby came for an hour or so and that was pretty nice

On the Saturday I spent a lot of time with nan and grandad, I helped mum mow their lawns and had a go mowing ours too, we sat in their back garden and had a chat and that was very nice! Sunday morning I went to the gym which I really enjoyed, I hadn't been for ages and that was pretty bloody pertinent!

After hanging out with my grandparents I went to XOYO with Abi and Rach after an hour or so at Abi's house, and it was soooo sick! The music was absolutely ideal, I met DJ Barely Legal (think I sounded like an absolute nut but she could see my eyes so I'm sure she was fine with it hahah) and I love her so that was fucking brilliant, perfect night out, Plastician and Spooky also played, except getting the night bus back but that wasn't toooo horrendous

Monday was a bank holiday and I hung out with my grandparents for a bit before going to Tesco to get Jen's birthday stuff with Rachel and Abi, and we went to Starbucks in Teddington same as the week before too! In the evening I watched the leaders' debate with mum and our man Jez was on fiyah

Tuesday I went on a date (lol) because I was like, man needs to push myself. It was fine, wasn't awkward and he was very nice if not a bit pretentious - he literally said 'I'm just such a creative' and I had to hold back a snort - but I didn't fancy him at all but it's like, it's good to do something that scares you!

Did some canvassing for the first time on Thursday, met Eddie Izzard whilst he made a promo video on Friday and on Saturday drove with Rachel and Abi to Lutterworth for Jen's birthday! Loved the journey as per, then we went to a steakhouse but I had fish and chips, then hung out in Jen's room for a bit before getting ready and having predrinks before going into Leicester. The actual night out wasn't great, we saw there had been a terror attack on London Bridge/in Borough Market which soured the mood obvs and it was a v Hippodrome type club which really isn't something I'd like any more!

This morning we just chilled and hung out and it was like being in the tent at Bestival but a much bigger more sanitary version, and Jen's lovely cat Oscar came and hung out with us, he's 18 and so soppy and I love him so much! It was well nice to see Jen again and I think she had a really good birthday which was what we wanted, and in the car on the way back me and Abi had a nice chat and yeah it was a v lovely weekend except the actual night out bit!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Side to side

Well I was very misguided in my last blog post, because last week was an utterly shite one :-)

I went to see Alma with Abi, we drank on the train on the way up and in a Tesco car park once we got there, and then more at the venue, and Alma was bloody amazing and kickass as fuck and I hate that word, but then we were both a bit too drunk and I cried and she puked lmao, but the actual gig was good!!

Went to see my grandad for his birthday which was nice, and had a curry with mum, and then on Friday we leafleted some schools and it was quite nice.

On Saturday, I saw my grandparents in the morning and then in the afternoon went to Abi's to eat pasta and get ready to go out, which we did to this rooftop bar in Brixton which was fun but kind of gentrified. It was good but not great until like 11 and after we dropped it was soooo much better, really good night!

We all went back to Abi's then on the Sunday morning we went for breakfast, then to Starbucks in Teddington, which was sweet and the kind of thing I wish we had more time to do now! I went home, hung out with my grandparents, went for a drive with mum and chilled in the evening.

Work on Monday was alright, didn't go on for too long, and then Monday evening I went up to Mile End for predrinks with Kathrine, Sofie, Emilie, Cecilie and some others, which was v fun - I wasn't going to go to Drapers but I ended up going for like 45 mins which was just enough and it was a v fun evening!

On Monday night there was a terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester which was awful, and obviously campaigning has been suspended so I've been working from home. Yesterday I did a load of work then went out for a walk, and today I'm going to work in the garden and go to the cinema with Amy and Alice later to watch Guardians of the Galaxy which I'm looking forward to a lot!

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Sunday, May 14, 2017
Ain't nobody praying for me

Well following from the last entry, LC! was amazing and Gareth made bare references to how shite the Tories are and it made me v v happy

The day after was my last day in Parliament, worked late to try and get through as much casework as we could and it was weirdly exhilarating! The next day we moved to 367 which was nice, nice to be around more people including Jack the organiser, who is pretty funny, and the day after we all went to the pub for his birthday and Rachel was at work too! She's been in three days so far and will be tomorrow, which I think might be the last one, designing our leaflets, and it's been sooooooo nice

It was also a year since Tabitha died which was shit but you know, you can only do so much.

That Friday ended with a pub trip with Rachel and Abi which was quite nice, just a standard pub trip, and on the Saturday I spent three hours leafleting for Rupa Huq with Carissa and then we went to Franco Manca for her birthday which was nice! On the Sunday I went to the gym, hung out with grandad on the golf course and then had dinner with nan and grandad. In the evening me and mum had some wine in the garden which was nice!

On Monday everyone was in the office, which was nice, and Stuart helped me get through some work which was really handy. There's a cat that keeps coming in, he's ginger and a bit nitty but I love him! Wednesday was good, Rachel was in again and we all questioned Ruth to get her ready for hustings, and she gave us some sass and it was v funny. The actual hustings went pretty well considering we weren't in a natural Labour area and everyone came along, and we went to the pub after to celebrate which was v v fun!

Thursday and Friday were really stressful days but on Thursday after work, me and Louisa went to Vodka Revs in Clapham for a couple of hours which was much-needed and very nice! Best pornstar martinis I've ever had (lol)

On Saturday this week we got a bloody car after a year of not having one which is sooooo nice! I hung out with my grandparents in the afternoon then in the evening, went to Brick Lane for a curry with Louisa, Kathrine, Mary, Rebecca, Nour and Ellie which was suuuuch a bloody nice curry and so much fun! It's one of the best meals we've ever gone for, and afterwards ended up in a pub in Liverpool Street watching the Eurovision results and it was v v v good and needed and made me want to move back up there so much!

Today I went to the gym and then hung out with grandad on the golf course for half an hour, had dinner at theirs and then went for a drive with mum which was well nice after so bloody long! That was sick and now I've done a bit of admin stuff and I actually don't feel bad, because I felt crap this morning. Hopefully this week will be a good one!

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Monday, May 01, 2017
Be weary

Oh god everything has been so OTT. A general fucking election was announced literally the day after my last post so I haven't had a minute spare to do another blog but here I am squishing one in

I'm not going to even bother chronicling the amount of running around we've been doing but there was a last housing meeting, a last surgery, endless amounts of casework to drag through, looooads of Labour stuff to get ready and between all of it I feel v frazzled but kind of excited too (I did get to have a lunch with Kathrine though which was v nice and needed and a glass of wine with Rachel after work on the last surgery day)

Last weekend Alice and I went for a 5km park run which didn't involve as much running as I'd like but was incredibly nice even though the weather wasn't great, and was a different way of starting a Saturday, before seeing nan and grandad for some lovely homemade chips! In the evening Alice and Amy came round to mine and we had some drinks and cake before going out to Be at One to celebrate Alice's birthday (it was also Earth Day. Earth Day birthday) which was v v fun but ended a bit too soon. On Sunday me and mum got an H28 and then a 111 and it was really good, I love a bus!!

After work last Monday I went to London Bridge for some drinks with Alex which was fun, wasn't going to stay for long but then ended up having three glasses of wine and being quite tipsy and getting some McDonald's for the train, we had a chat about everything and it was v v nice

Didn't do anything after work the rest of the week during to be being fuckin knackered but I was SO ready to go out on Friday and I went to the Bussey Building with Rachel and Abi after some predrinks at Abi's house - and it was soooo good! I've wanted to go there for ages and it lived up to expectations, it was so huge and we listened to this sick unsigned rapper called Gray and then Cadenza did a fucking sick DJ set and it went off tbh, played loads of Drake which Rachel went mad for then Afrobeats which I went mad for and it was just suuuuch a good evening, went on for ages but in a good way and the sun was coming up as we were on a bus over Westminster Bridge and it was just blissful

Got in at 6:30am and slept until 1, did a couple of hours of casework and then went to sit with nan and grandad for a while which was really nice, came back and did a bit more casework but didn't do much more!

Sunday Abi drove Rachel and I to Westfield and we had suuuuch a nice day! We did loads of shopping - I bought four tops, all of which I really really like, and a bra thingy, and everyone bought stuff they really like which is nice. We went to Wagamama for food which was bloody lovely (salmon teriyaki soba say what) and it was just really cute and fun! Listened to sick music there and back too which was nice.

This morning I went to the gym and finally submitted my scholarship application, and thought I was going to chill but have had to do loads of work :-( Los Campesinos! with Nour tonight but I'm so stressed again that I'm not sure I'm in the mood!

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Monday, April 17, 2017
Sit down, be humble

I've had over a week off work and it's been the nicest week of the year! I don't think I'm cut out for that employment lifestyle you know...

On Sunday I hung out with my grandparents and then went to Meadway with Alice and Amy and had some ciders which was v nice

Tuesday was definitely the best day, I met Alex and we got some beers and went to the riverside with the speaker which is basically what we do whenever it's above like 18 degrees hahaha

We just chilled and had some debates about fourth wave feminism and shit, and talked about life stuff, and it was sunny and lovely and it's so nice to see people you haven't properly seen for ages! We stayed there until like 5 and then I had to pop home because I was going for dinner with Abi which is a v cute idea on her part

We went to Zizzi's in Twickenham and I had the same lentil thing I had at Laura's birthday and we shared a bottle of wine and got matching well nice vegan pudding things and talked about how cute our waiter guy was because he was like 12, and it was v different and nice! I thought I wanted to go home after but we ended up at Spoons sharing another bottle of wine - obviously - after saying that we should do more things without alcohol...oops...10/10 day though, one of the nicest of the year

Wednesday I went to Hayes to meet Laura and we walked her dog and then went to Uxbridge for food in Spoons and a bitch, which was much-needed, and then for another drink in a different pub and it was great to see her as well!

Thursday I ran 5km without stopping which I'd never done before so I was absolutely chuffed, then I spent some time reading on my bed with a Spotify mix on which was soooooo nice, probably because I don't remember the last time I had a chance to do that. Then I hung out with my grandparents for a while which was also v nice, and went to Spoons with Alice for a couple of drinks which I was a bit tired for but enjoyed when I got there

Friday I got ready to go to Bath to visit Mary! Not much to say about the actual day (except Kendrick dropped a new album which I literally listened to on loop for hours and I am SO excited about still) but when I got there we had SUCH a good time

We had a really nice falafel-hummus-etc kind of dinner and then had a bottle of prosecco whilst we got ready to go out, then walked into town already tipsy to go to this pub called the Pig and Fiddle and we met her friend Jack, sat with him and chatted and then her friend Becky joined us. Then we moved onto a bar and sat there for a while and I chatted to a dnb DJ (who will hopefully become something so I can say I knew about her hahahahah) before going onto a dnb club called The Nest which was sooooo sick, exactly my kind of music and it went off tbh

Then we went to a place called The Common Room where we stayed for the rest of the night, had a good mix of pop stuff and slightly more niche stuff, good dancefloor and we drank exactly the right amount to have an amazing time without feeling crap! It was brilliant, and we walked home and ate lots of crisps and went to bed at 5am and it was one of the best nights out I've had for a long time

On Saturday we woke up at like 10.30 and got ready slowly before heading into Bath for brunch, we went to a place called the Wild Cafe and had suuuuch a nice vegetarian brunch which was so needed before moving onto a place called Beyond the Kale to have some really cool cakes that were all like raw vegan but tasted AMAZING. Then we walked home, drove to a National Trust place called Dyrham Park, went on a huuuuuge long walk in this beautiful park and saw deer and it was so lovely and really 'bracing' I guess lol if I was yer da and I spoke like that.

Then we made pasta with chunky vegetables and sat in front of a film with ice cream and blankets and were in bed by 11.30! #party

On Sunday we walked to Bath and I fucked off on the coach, and then we had a really nice evening at home with curry and the Palestinian film Omar and a couple of episodes of The Thick of It, sooooo needed

This morning I beat my best ever 5km time (but did stop to retie my hair up so...not the same as Thursday) and did some weights so am very happy and later will go to Abi's with Rachel for some pasta and maybe some wine! Back to work tomorrow but I don't even mind right now :-)

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Sunday, April 09, 2017
T-shirt weather in the manor

Done quite a lot since the last entry :-)

Went to Liverpool and Rochdale with Ruth to look at empty houses which was pretty cool, I was genuinely shocked by the scale of some of the deprivation which I guess means I need to get out of my London bubble more lol but the day itself was v v interesting and enjoyable

I only worked a half day on the day after because I was so tired, and went to Bill's with Rachel and Abi for lunch afterwards which was v nice and chilled, and then saw my grandparents which is always nice

Went to the Blucher with Alice for an evening, fuckin love the Blucher and it was a sick evening and then the next day, went to Camden with Rachel and Abi to look for vintage clothes, and we all bought cord shirts which is for obvious reasons ridiculous. Also looked in Cyberdog (including the sex bit, who wouldn't) and ended up on the roof terrace of a pub with fish and chips and a couple of pints in the sun which was soooo nice, until it bloody rained! It was still a really great day though

Rushed home from that and went straight to Epsom for Louisa's birthday night out, which was in some dead club lol and tbh didn't enjoy that too much, wasn't at all the kind of club that I'd want to be in but the next morning chilling out round the breakfast table was quite nice.

On Sunday when I came home I saw my grandparents for an hour and then Abi picked me up and we went to Putney to watch Oxford vs Cambridge! Where she works has a balcony overlooking it and I fuckin love that elitist shitshow for reasons unknown to me, so it was sick! Had like six glasses of free prosecco which helped me cope with the incredibly Tory company that I was in, and we had a really good time I think! On the way back her mum took us to Spoons for another bottle of prosecco which was well nice, suuuuch a good day!

On Monday Rachel and I went to a talk at the RA on the function of modernist architecture in the post-war period and I was in my bloody element as you can imagine, and we went to Be at One beforehand so that made it even better!

Wine Wednesday was next obviously (quite proud that I went to the gym on Tuesday despite being out every fucking evening basically) and that was as fun as it usually is, and we sat on this bench watching swans afterwards, before going to Be at One but Abi tried to smuggle a bottle out as she normally does but bloody got caught, they were really nice about it when they could have been dicks but it put her in a shit mood and a bit of a dampener on our night!

On Thursday I got to work from home, and 'worked' in the garden on my Goldsmiths application and felt v accomplished because I basically finished it, so I was so happy, and had my Spotify daily mix on, did a bit of reading and chilled and it was so so lovely. Tanned all my back and got to see my grandparents too, got done for the evening really early and had a proper chilled evening.

Friday was boring but I managed to run 4km at the gym without stopping, when I've never done more than 1.5km without a short break before, so I was absolutely thrilled tbh. My fitness levels have improved so much in the last year and it makes me properly happy to see it paying off, and when I got home me and mum had fish and chips (which are really a feature of this post).

Yesterday I had a lemonade with my grandad at the gym, and then went to Richmond to meet Louisa, and we had food and a drink on the balcony of Revs (no surprises to learn I had fish and chips) and then we went down to sit by the river for a couple of hours which was v v nice because the sun was banging it out tbh

Came home for an hour or so then went to Rachel's, sat in the garden with her for a couple of hours and then we met Alex down the Nelson which was actually really fun, got a few more drinks and chatted shit and it was gr8! I now have a week off work which I am thrilled about tbh, so everything is good (until in a week when I have an aneurysm from the stress of how much work has piled up!)

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Sunday, March 26, 2017
Best to you

This week has been a bit of an odd one but I know next week will be busy af so the last thing I'll want to do is write about this one as well!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I felt horrible (which I now realise is because my vitamin B12 hadn't had time to sink in yet) so I really didn't do much at all, and then on Wednesday there was an attack on Parliament...

It's weird because in years to come I can say that I was there in the biggest terror attack (seeing as no motive has been firmly established I am cautious about using the word terror) since 7/7. We were going to go for a cigarette but an MP rushed and started shouting at us, and we thought it was a joke but it was an actual terror attack and we were watching it on the BBC. We were cooped up until 8pm and it was boring af but we sat in Stephen Timms' office and had biscuits and wine so that made it a bit more bearable, and actually getting out was an absolute nightmare! It took ages and I had to get an uber to the pub that I was meant to have met my uni friends at two and a half hours earlier but finally got there.

Had a glass of wine and a sambuca shot because I was so done with the situation, and it was Nour, Rebecca, Kathrine, Sam, Holly and Ellie and it was v nice indeed!

On Thursday I worked from home for obvious reasons lol and then in the evening went to Amy's house, and her mum had left us a curry she'd cooked and we had that and cheesecakes and drinks and listened to music and chatted allllll evening, and it was sooooo nice!

Friday work was really stressful but in the evening, me and mum went for a Jolly's for Mother's Day and it was sooooo lovely, then had a chill at home :-) Saturday I went to the gym, then Hounslow, and then in the evening out to Drapers for Merger Cup with Sof, Emilie, Cecilie and a couple of other really nice Norwegian girls that I hadn't really met before, and it was a really fun night!

Today I just died slowly and then helped mum mow nan and grandad's lawns, and then we went for a Starbucks and it was v nice!

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Saturday, March 18, 2017
Number 1 angel

I've done quite a lot since the last entry (I must sound so fucking boring from my entries in here. There is literally no character. This is a list of my life. 35-year-old me, are you happy with this? Really?)

  • The Monday after my birthday I did a half day at work and then went shopping with Eline and Vilde which was soooo nice, only bought some skincare but it was really nice, and we went to Pizza Express afterwards which felt like a proper treat. Then Kathrine came to join us, and me and Kathrine went to the Nordic Bar and met all the Scandis and hung out with Sofie, Emilie and Cec for a bit which was really nice
  • Had a nice lunch in St. James' Park with Kathrine on one of the nicest days we've had so far this year, and after work went to a Tooting CLP event called 'Nevertheless She Persisted' and it was so inspirational, some really cool women got up and did their shit
  • Went to the gym a few times and saw nan and grandad obv, which was nice, and grandad was on his steroids and being proper sassy which was great!
  • On the Saturday me and Rachel went to the Victoria Miro in Angel and there was this sick exhibition, it was like a series of rooms made out of mesh with properly intricate detail and it was lovely. After that we went to the Earl of Essex pub and had wine, then beer, and food in their garden and stayed there for ages and it was the first pub garden of the year - I looooove a pub garden and it was such a good day!
  • Beat my PB 5km in the gym on Sunday!
  • Went to Spoons with Amy and Alice to celebrate Alice's new job and it was so nice! We decided to go out on Earth Day (coincidentally) next month and I don't know why we all found it so funny but we did! We had cocktail pitchers like we used to when we were like 19 and it was really really fun
  • Work was good yesterday, I had a chat break with Amy for like an hour which was nice, and then after work came home and got ready to go out. Abi collected me and Rach and then we drove to Acton, sorted stuff out and then went to Sasha's for predrinks. Stayed there for a couple of hours listening to music and talking and then went to Brixton Jamm, the crowd were horrible and so aggressive and the venue was waaaaay too small so it was v sweaty but the music was sick so that was fine! It was a bit of a mixed night but it was v nice to see Sash again
  • I feel weirdly fine today, considering I got in at 5.15am! I went for a coffee with Alice at lunchtime and we were proper in fits of laughter, and in half an hour Rachel is picking me up and then we're going to Abi's, and then to Wagamama because I can't decide whether I like the idea of vegetable katsu curry and I'm going to try it out! Will be a nice chill evening.

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Sunday, March 05, 2017
Your doorstep first place podium

I feel like I've done quite a lot since the last entry but I might be kidding myself lol

  • I was at a meeting with TfL which I found pretty interesting and that day I went to the pub with Alice and Carissa who I thought would get on well, and they did which was nice
  • I had annual leave on the Thursday which was soooo nice even though it was the biggest storm day and windy af, me and mum went to the cat cafe which was properly nice and then had a walk down Brick Lane and the vintage shops and obviously Urban Outfitters, where I bought amazing (but expensive) trousers, and also got a pitch to Consented magazine accepted :-)
  • Chilled at Abi's with Rachel on the day that Stormzy and Los Camp! albums came out and they are both SO good
  • On the Saturday, I went to Hounslow and saw my grandparents and then met Nour for a coffee in Brick Lane (fucking £3.50 for a soya matcha latte and yes, I know how awful I am that I ordered that) which was nice, then we went to Rebecca's house and met Ellie and had wine and crisps and a gossip all evening which was v v fun and I enjoyed v much
  • Sunday I went to the gym and had a coffee with Grandad afterwards which was really nice! Then went to grandparents' for a roast and in the evening, chilled with mum watching The Butler which was a really nice way to end the weekend
  • Birthday was OK and went to Cafe Venice with mum in the evening which was really nice!
  • Got a book of Audre Lorde essays and tickets to the Brixton rooftop beach from work :-)
  • Went to a Channel 4 diversity lecture at work and oh my god all the white guys were actually horrendous but Riz Ahmed spoke and he was amazing! Inspiring and even borderline revolutionary, made the day a lot better! After work I went to the gym and had a really good time
  • Friday I worked from the civic centre and it was fine, went for a couple of glasses of wine at the pub with Alice afterwards which I think was just very much needed! I picked up fish and chips for me and mum and we had them and that was nice.
  • Saturday was birthday day! The day was pretty nothingy but then Rachel and Abi came round and Abi had made a Thai Sweet Chilli crisps cake!! It was brilliant, so realistic and I was sooo happy, and then we got on the train very baitly drinking wine lol and it was fuuun. Got up to Sofie, Emilie etc's flat and had pres there, did ring of fire, Mary got me a mug that says 'dick', got a book of drinking games, a bottle of sambuca and a bottle of tequila and Nour got me a bloody print of Los Camp! lyrics which is absolutely amazing and I love v v much
  • We went to the Macbeth and it was really fun, the music (90s vs 00s) was good and I had a good dance but I lost Eline (she came back for it!!!) for a good portion of it and I was really weirdly tired which was a bit annoying, but still had fun! It was realllllyyy nice to see most of my friends and get to hang out with everyone :-) Left and Rachel puked in a drain lmao and we had to sit with this girl whose friends had abandoned her and was too fucked to leave so getting home took quite a while but it was still a really fun night and I enjoyed it loads!

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