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Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Barcelona, Berlin and now Bergen

I've done some cool things since the last time I wrote in here :-)

In the first week, I went for dinner with Alice at Cafe Venice which was really nice - 3 courses and a glass of wine for £20.20, get in mate - and then we popped to the pub and it was chill. I also went to see I, Daniel Blake at the cinema with my mum and it reignited a lot of my righteous anger for the fucking Tories! The day after I had a nice day at work with Carissa and then went to see A Streetcat Named Bob with Sebastian after, which was a comparatively much more heartwarming film and a nice end to the week!

At the weekend I had a Spoons breakfast with Sebastian, went to Kingston with Abi in a failed attempt to get a present for Rachel, and then after popping home went to see the Kempton Park fireworks with her and Rach which was v nice, then we went to Spoons again - keepin it local - where they now do a bottle of prosecco for 11 quid, so guess what I went for, and then we went back to Flower's house for a bit more drink and to see her lovely cat, and Steve came in absolutely fucked which was jokes, lovely evening and went to the gym on Sunday morning which I absolutely love doing! Grandad had dinner with us on the Sunday which was unprecedented and really lovely, and we all had a nice long chat after dinner before a chill evening with Humans and Black Mirror.

The next week, I Facetimed Laura for two fuckin hours after work on Monday and went to see The Girl on the Train with Carissa on Tuesday - film wasn't that great but it was really nice to do something different outside of work! Wednesday, we actually had a work lunch which is unusual and v nice, and after work I went to the Slug and Lettuce with Rachel and Abi where we got through three bottles of wine, then onto Be at One where we had another bottle of wine and the basement all to ourselves so we were being proper losers and having a little dance and it was great!

Then on Friday, I worked half a day from home and then got ready to go to Norway!! I only just realised that this year all the places I've visited abroad have started with B - Barcelona, Berlin and now Bergen! I arrived at midnight-ish Bergen time and Eline's parents had done crisps and dips and cava which was v v cute! Also had this fizzy Christmas drink called Julebrus which was siiiick and tasted so bad for me

On Saturday Eline's parents did like a buffet breakfast and it was lovely, everything tasted gr9 and it was just so sweet of them! After that we went to Eline and Hakan's flat and I went to the city centre with both of them, and then Hakan left and me and Eline had a proper look in some clothes shops which is always fun

Then we met Kaja and went food shopping, cooked and watched some awful English TV crap before getting ready, then Eline's other friend Mariell came over and we did drinkinnnnn and listening to Spotify and it was well sick m8 and then we went to this bar called Brukbar, Mariell was too drunk so had to leave and then after a while Hakan came, we did loads of singing and stuff and it was really nice, and Hakan bought me v nice chips from the kebab place on the way back!

We stayed up and talked about loads of stuff for a while when we got back and Hakan was more chatty because sometimes he's quite shy, then I went to sleeeep and on Sunday we went up a mountain! It's called Mount Fløyer and we got a cable car/train thing up which was so cool and when we were up there we saw goats and I love goats so much!!! So that was v exciting, as was getting to see Bergen from that high up and you know, actually being on a mountain. Afterwards we had cinnamon buns at this bakery and then in the evening went back to Eline's parents where they cooked and we chiiiilled

On Monday morning we went to what seemed like outlet stores or was maybe just a more suburban shopping centre and we had a drive around which I always like doing as well. Then I had to fly home which kind of sucked but when I got home I had a proper shower and hair wash and then watched the TV adaptation of one of my favourite books, N-W by Zadie Smith, with mum and it was actually v nice!

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Monday, October 31, 2016
All my people

I've been p ill since a day after the last blog lol so I'm not sure how much I've actually done

In the first week, I went for cocktails with Louisa at the Slug and Lettuce after work and the next day to Spoons with Rachel, Kim, Abi, Abby and Kinga which was so nice!! Haven't seen everyone - majority of the yucky sluts - together for ages and it was sick, was kind of like the old times (have been majorly missing college recently which is a bit odd), we ended up talking about squirting again, god knows why this always happens with them. I didn't go to work the next day because I was too ill but I did go to the Fallow Deer in Teddington for lunch with Rachel and Abi which was v nice indeed, and hung out with Sebastian on the Friday evening

At the weekend I went to Bath with Louisa, Rebecca and Ellie for Mary's birthday, we got a coach and that was fine, I found out I can play back 1Xtra shows on my iPad which has given me no end of joy since and the afternoon was nice, we just chilled at her house etc etc and the predrinks were fine even though I didn't like her friends that much, and going out was horrendous because I felt so ill hahahaha

The next day we went for a walk round Bath which was lovely, it was nice to see all the sights again after a couple of years and we had coffee in Jacob's which is a v nice coffee shop, and then we got the coach back again

Last week at work we had work experience all week, they were both really funny which was good! Went for fish and chips at nan and grandad's after work last week which was nice, on the Tuesday had a coffee with Kathrine at lunchtime and went to Amy's after work and we just ate and chilled. On the Wednesday I came home from work early for a doctor's appointment just to be told it was viral. On Friday Ruth took us for cake which was v fun and cute, then I gave Viktor and Swedish Sebastian a tour of Parliament which was pretty cool and we had coffee afterwards, which was nice, then I came home and felt pretty ill lol

On Saturday Eline's parents took me and Nour and Sebastian and a couple of Eline's cousins for lunch at Pizza Express which was v nice and then in the evening me and Rachel and Amy went up to Sofie/Emilie etc's flat and Kathrine and Viktor were there too to go out for Halloween! The predrinks were fun and cute and stuff but not that many of us went out and I don't think anyone was that much in the mood which sucked a bit. It was still a good night though!

Sunday was a really nice day, I got up late and was quite productive with sorting stuff out, and then we went to nan and grandad's for dinner and after a while came home and then I finally felt well enough to go for an hour long walk which I really really enjoyed! Then I had a bath with a bath bomb, Facetimed Alex for a bit and then it was the new series of Humans which I love

Today I gave Eline's parents a tour of Parliament and whilst I was on the tour we saw Dennis Skinner lol and I saw Kasim from college!! That was amazing but we didn't get to talk for ages but still, it was really cool especially considering how much I've been thinking of college recently :-) quite an awesome thing to happen at work.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016
I'm as elegant as an African elephant

Well I haven't done a blog post in quite a while!

On the first weekend of the month, me, Alice and Amy went to Ladies Festival in Stratford-upon-Avon and it was so much fun! On the first day we looked around the town and even though it rained it was really nice, we went to a pub there and had some food and when we got back to the hotel we went to the swimming pool for a bit which was really nice and relaxing. After that we helped them set up a little bit and then went to get ready, me and Amy shared this room which was really amazing and huge so we had a couple of drinks there and then went to Alice's room and finished getting ready there, I was pleasantly surprised with how nice I managed to look :-)

In the evening there was this dinner thingy and some people at our table were really horrible but the food was lovely and we spent the whole thing drinking and laughing and it was so nice! Alice did a raffle after that and then we went back to her room to do power drinking and laugh about the horrible people and then back down to dance and it was so so good! We then went to the bar area to drink for a while before me and Amy went to bed and that was so nice too, it was proper queen size and I thought I hadn't been near her all night but apparently I took the covers, she took them back so I went to get them back and laughed at her in my you do...

On the Sunday we were really tired but we went to a lovely pub on the way back and then did a big sleep in the car, went to see my grandparents for a bit and chilled in the evening :-)

That week I didn't do that much, I've started my university of Amsterdam masters application, I got my helix pierced with Amy and then we went for a drink which was really nice, it hurt like hell but we went to some random place and just chilled :-) on the Friday Sebastian stayed over and we cooked and watched Gogglebox which was v nice

On the Saturday I chilled which was really needed, hung out with my grandparents in the afternoon and then met Rachel to get our Bestival photos developed, and then after hanging out at hers for a while we went to Abi's once she got back from Ireland and drank wine and watched Gone Girl with her lovely lovely cat Misty and it was v relaxing and nice! On the Sunday I went to the gym which I really enjoyed and then had roast at my grandparents' and watched Yasmin in the evening with mum, which I enjoyed as much as I remembered enjoying it when I watched it in my A-level Sociology!

This week just gone, I watched Derren Brown's Miracle with mum on Monday which was a v nice evening, went to All Bar One near Waterloo with Louisa, Rebecca and Ellie on Tuesday for some wine and 'small plates' lol I'm so bougie, it was really nice and I hadn't seen any of them for aaaaages

Wednesday I think I just came home after work and on Thursday I went to the gym and did 5km which I was really pleased about after a really shitty day at work! Friday was an alright day, and afterwards I went to Jolly's to have a curry with Sebastian which was very very lovely! We chilled after that and I had a proper lie in on Saturday for the first time in forever, and we had a coffee in Starbucks :-)

In the afternoon I did more of my UvA application and then watched an episode of Mr. Robot before hanging out with my grandparents and having dinner there and coming home to get ready before Rachel picked me up and we went to Abi's - we had a couple of drinks and hung out with lovely Misty and then got the trains to Brixton to go to David Rodigan's Ram Jam :-)

It was SO FUN, we got in and were like ummmm but once it dropped and we were sorted it was sick except Abi sometimes wasn't feeling it work and Rachel feeling a bit sicky at some point, I didn't feel tired all night and my back didn't hurt! The music was sick especially David Rodigan's set, he's really mad but in a good way and we were dancing for literally five hours, it was suuuuch a good night, and we did the whole obligatory affection thing which is proper bloody gross lol

We left at 4.40 and the night bus home wasn't too bad, we slept on Abi's sofabed and this morning Abi and Misty came in and we all died together, seeing as we had four hours sleep lol, all of us have chewed our cheeks a bit looool but it was a 10/10 night, one of the best we've had :-) today I had a roast at my grandparents' and went for a coffee with mum, and now we're going to watch the Big Short :-) couple of not great weeks but really good weekends!

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Thursday, September 29, 2016
This is north south east and western

Since coming back from Bestival I'm not really sure what I've done! I think it's random bullet point style stuff so here goes...

  • Went for a coffee with Damon and to the pub with Abi and Laura which was so nice despite the fact it was fuckin Hounslow
  • Went to Cafe Venice with Sebastian which was v nice, chilled with him and then went to see Bridget Jones's Baby with Amy and Alice the next day
  • Went to Hounslow and Tesco with mum in one day, got an iPhone 6S
  • Gym after work!!! For the first time in forever!!!
  • Alex came round for curry and a beer and it was so sick, #banter was had and I'm gonna miss him when he's at uni
  • Went to Topolski with Sebastian after work last week and had a drink and then went home and watched Gogglebox :-) and on the Saturday went to Wimbledon and Kingston with Rachel and Abi and the clubs were kind of shit but it was so nice to go out!
  • Sunday I spent with my grandparents and then went for a walk which was v nice
  • Monday I went for after work drinks with Amy which was really nice and stayed out later thanI meant to, we sat outside Topolski until it got v dark and yeah :-)
  • Yesterday I had lunch at Spoons with Kathrine in Victoria and then went to Hail Mary after work! I met a load of Scandinavians in the Victoria (a theme is emerging) and spent most of my time talking to Sofie and Emilie until Kathrine came, and then when we got into Drapers it was everyone but still the four of us dancing loads
  • Drapers was soooo sick but I did feel quite old lol and when we left me and Kathrine walked to McDonalds and then went back to hers to sleep, and I went to work and then a Mogden meeting on three and a half hours sleep lol but it was so fun!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Big up the Brentford massive

Done a lot since the last blog :-)

On the first Saturday of September I moved out of my uni house for the last time and went out with Eline and her friend and Kathrine and some of her friends to the Queen of Hoxton after shopping in Westfield and a curry and that was so fun! Danced a lot and stuff :-) and had brunch with Eline on Sunday at the Chesterfield which was well nice

Tuesday night I went to Abi's house to see her and Jen and Rachel came too, we had wine and danced to the playlist we made for the journey down which was quite ridiculous but soooo fun, enjoyed that so much

Thursday we went to Bestival!! Flower drove down soooo early in the morning and we listened to the playlist and it was so sick, the queue was less so - we had to stand for three and a half bloody hours with our bags but when we got the tent up and had cider and went to explore the festival ground it was like yeee this was worth it

Friday we chilled in the tent, drank and did glitter make up and it was so nice to relax and have like no obligations lol, we went to see Years and Years, Damian Marley, Skepta and Major Lazer and jfc the last two were soooooo good, went to see Diplo after but it wasn't as good as last time because we couldn't get close, and then the others went to see Katy B but I was way too tired

Saturday was good, we went to see Lady Leshurr and Craig David who were both so good, then back to the tent to drink before going to Kurupt FM, and I was so tired but we dropped and then I felt gr8, Flower was fully fully gone hahah but then she perked up and Kurupt FM were sooo sick, we were basically at the front and we danced all through that shit :-) and we stayed for Goldie's set, I've never really listened to Goldie but it was absolutely sick, he played Marka at the end which we went off for and we were all actually at the front and I wasn't tired and I was unbelievably happy! We went back to the tent and chatted for ages and it was #sick - Jen also told us she used to think the German for I love you was icky licky dicky which made me laugh so much

Sunday was sick too but the toilets were fuckin filthy - we went to see Krept and Konan and Kano but we were so knackered we sat down for most of it, Abi was in a bit of a state in the morning hahah and we were all on a massive go slow and I bought a v phallic looking bit of liquorice but lost it in the dirt :-(  but at night we went to see Sean Paul who was actually underwhelming and then to the forest, then we saw Fatboy Slim which was pretty sick although repetitive and I was chewing my bloody cheek off, saw a bit of Shadow Child and back to the tent for a v short sleep but man despite how disgusting I felt it was such a good weekend and I have a bit of festival blues now (and a massive cold)

Monday we packed up really early and drove back, me and Abi had a chat and Rachel and Jen slept in the back and we had ferry breakfast and I keep saying and and I hope we get to do it all again!

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Thursday, September 01, 2016
Lyrics for lyrics calm

I honestly haven't done much since the last blog except be tired and rundown and stressed and sad lol

I went for cocktails with Amy and Alice at the Be At One on Greek Street but then cried on the way home hahaha

Ooooh I had one nice day, it was mine and Sebastian's anniversary and we went to the cat cafe and I love the cats so much jfc and then packed up some of my stuff and then went to the People's Park Inn for the first time ever and it was soooo lovely, sat out in the garden and was v cute (how many 'ands'?! I can write I promise)

Rebecca came to visit me at work last Friday and we had fish and chips on the terrace :-)

Saturday I packed up more of my shit and brought it home, Sebastian helped and then me and him went for brunch at the Chesterfield and then a walk by the canal and a shandy by the Palm Tree which was lovely :-) have done a lot of hanging out with my grandparents too which has been v nice

Sunday went to the gym for the first time in ages which was so nice, and went again on Monday to a class which I'm quite proud of myself about! It was Body Pump which hurt like fuck tbh but was soooo fun

I went to meet Amy after that at the Fallow Deer which was nice then we walked to Teddington Lock and sat for a bit

Tuesday, Wednesday and today have been shit at work lol but on Tuesday went to the pub with Abi, Abby and Rachel and that was soooo nice! Love the Blucher, and then boy people came and I was like meh but whatever I guess, and then me and Rachel went back to Flower's house for an extra vodka just like she never left! Which was gr8 :-)

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Sunday, August 21, 2016
Never have I ever been chucked out of Pryzm

I've had such a busy week this week even though work dragged like shit

  • Tuesday I went to the Old Thameside Inn with Alex and we had three beers and I was properly feeling them tbh and we talked about everything and it was sick! This was after I took him on a tour of Parliament which I think he quite enjoyed :-) on the walk back to Waterloo we stopped to take loads of pictures and listen to music and it was sooooo chill and nice
  • Wednesday I did a tour with some people and they were really nice, and then after work I went to a pop up bar on Southbank with Mary and Rebecca and we drank Pimms (pumms) and chatted about stuff n it was v cute
  • Thursday after work I met Rachel and Abi!!!!!! Omg she is back from Australia and I am so so so happy, we went to the Prince Blucher which is my absolute fave and shared two bottles of wine and had beers and it was like she never left!! Abby came for the last hour too and ahhhh it was just the best
  • Friday I went for a two hour lunch (lol) with Abi and Rachel in Bill's in Richmond, we drove there and back and it was just so nice and I was v happy, and then in the evening Sebastian came over and we had curry and chilled and I was beyond tired tbh
  • In the morning we went to Hounslow and had a wander around and I got my eyebrows done and stuff like that, bitty things, and chilled out before I went to see nan and grandad and helped them defrost a freezer and chilled with them :-) then in the afternoon Laura came round and we ate and got ready to go out which seemed to take ageeeees but it was still fun! We then met Rachel on the bus and went to Abi's and she has a new cat! Her name is Misty and I'm in love, she is fully beautiful and I love her!
  • We played never have I ever and then there was some Rachel drama lol and we listened to a bit of music and it was really fun, but as soon as we got to the club it went a bit weird, we got in for free because these creepy guys wanted us to sit at their table but I was so tired already and then Abi bloody went missing and we spent ages looking for her
  • We couldn't actually find her and we went back home without knowing where she was but found out this morning she got kicked out and got home at 7 and the club's procedure was shit but blah blah blah, me Laura and Rachel went to Spoons before meeting Flower at Starbucks where she told us everything hahahaha and then I went for dinner with nan and grandad :-) had a bath bomb afterwards and I've chilled so a v nice week all round!

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Monday, August 15, 2016
'I'm just so angry all the time'

I went to Berlin! I'm not even going to try and be chill about it bc I'm fully not looool I loved it

The week just gone all I did was go to Franco Manca and Chiswick Tabard with Sebastian before I went to Louisa's after my half day on Friday, her stepdad drove us to the airport and we had Nando's and Spoons before meeting Camilla in the departure lounge and then playing would you rather on the plane which was well fun

When we got to the hotel we were like dead so we just went to bed, and when we woke up the next morning we went to Distrikt in Mitte for breakfast and I had buttermilk pancakes, they were sooooo nice!! We walked to the German Parliament after that and from there to the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and the memorial for murdered Sinti and Roma, and then the Holocaust museum all of which was v interesting but v sobering

We then walked to Kreuzberg through Tiergarten and it was really cute, we stopped for a drink and then went back to the hotel to chill for a while before going out again. We went through Viktoriapark by accident but we found a cool stream where you can see a street at the bottom and a really cool statue in the middle so it was all good! We then went to a really nice Italian but there was cheese in my pasta :-( but it was still so good! We just talked and then we were laughing about the bit in Harry Potter where he's like 'I'm just so angry all the time' and idk why it was so funny but it was

We went to two bars after that, one of which served huuuuge and very alcoholic cocktails and then one where I had a naan bread too and then we went back to the hotel

When we woke up the next morning we were starving and we bought pastries that none of us really liked before buying bread in Yorckstraße and going onto a bit of the Berlin Wall where you could see from a viewing platform where the people were shot between the walls and then a museum that explained about the process of splitting the city and its resistance which I found v interesting

Then we went to the East Side Gallery which was so interesting, the murals were so brilliant and we saw an exhibition on one side of Syrian refugees who had been affected by the revolution in Syria and its aftermath. We went to a restaurant on the river and it was all just v cute but then we had to go back to the hotel because Camilla had to catch a flight :-(

After Camilla left me and Louisa sat in the hotel lobby for a bit to recuperate and then went to Neukolln for Sudanese food at a place called Sahara and omg it was so fucking good I can't even explain, and I wish I could have explored that area more, we spent like the whole meal bitching it was great hahahaha

Then we went to the airport and our flight was delayed :-( so we were soooo tired and we went straight to bed and I had three hours sleep so today I am dead but it was a 10/10 weekend!!!

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Monday, August 08, 2016
Best to you

I've been doing a lot of work so not much interesting to write about there! I'm settling in but there's still stuff I don't know how to do obviously, it's OK and of course I'd rather be at uni but lol I think all my friends feel the same so it's not like I'm alone which defo does help.

In amongst the boring ass job stuff:

  • Went to the London Apprentice with Amy and Alice which was v fun and cute
  • Lunch at One Over the Ait for Damon's leaving and Sam's birthday which was nice and then went to nan and grandad's with mum and grandad made chips!
  • Worked from Hounslow then home and then chilled in the garden with Sebastian which was v nice
  • On the Saturday had lunch with Sebastian in Bellissimo's in Twickenham and then to Kingston with Rachel for some shopping, before we got ready for Anna's birthday at mine and then went, Abby came too and imo it wasn't the best because we didn't know anyone but it was nice to be out
  • The Sunday I went to the gym and then slept in the afternoon lol
  • Met people from NA at work which was cool before going to Spoons with Rachel, Kinga, Laura and Abby which was soooooo fun, we had drinks and bitched about people and had bare gossip actually and it was well sick and Abby met a guy at Anna's looool it was so jokes his conversation was dead, she was trying so hard hahahaha
  • Went to nan and grandad's one day after work and grandad read out a really funny poem he'd written and it was v cute
  • Went to a CCG meeting with Ruth and that evening went to the Prince Blucher with Sebastian which was lovely, we sat out in the garden and it was v chill and nice and we came home and felt v into each other which is cringe but cute
  • Saturday I spent with Sebastian having v cheap lemonades and a baked potato up the high street and then we went to my grandparents' and mum came too - then Amy drove me and Alice to the Everyman in Esher and we watched Suicide Squad which was sick! Then we had some drinks behind Amy's house on the river and then a couple in her garden
  • Sunday I ran 5km which I was p pleased with and hung out with my family and it was really nice to actually chill and spend time with them :-)

There's good and bad in everything I guess

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Sunday, July 24, 2016
A winner don't quit on themselves

#tfw u a graduate

I feel so nostalgic for some aspects of uni! But that is all of us in one boat and tbh I'm sure that'll hit more in September so let's just let that stew for a while

Monday I didn't really do anything and then on Tuesday went up for my graduation, it was 32 fucking degrees which made me want to die but it was quite cool! Got a lot of good pictures etc and was nice to see all my friends again but didn't really get that much of a chance to actually talk to anyone. It was quite cool when they said 'graduating with first class honours' before my name though :-) then went for curry with my mumma but it was still sooooo hot and the curry was sick but we were so tired

Went back up on Wednesday for Eline etc's business graduation and saw a load of people which was nice and much more relaxed, more of my friends do business so it was v nice to hang out and not wear the robes, that was cool and then went to Spoons with Mary before we saw Camilla and Louisa at a pub in London Bridge for a drink

Thursday I watched three episodes of Jane the Virgin in the day bc I'm disgusting and then went to Mary, Rebecca and Ellie's flat for predrinks, Eline and Vilde, Sam, Camilla and Nour were there too and it was so fun, we played loads of Cards Against Humanity and then some of us went to the Book Club but we left at 1am, I was dying looooool but it was such a fun night!

Friday I felt like death and went home around lunchtime before Sebastian came round and I napped with him, I was so dead, and then in the evening we ate in the garden and hung out in the garden and it was just v nice

On Saturday we went to the park in Meadway and had ice cream and sat in the sun, and then walked back through Crane Park and it was lovely and warm and then after I came home I went to meet Abby for an hour and we went to see Rachel at work before I went to meet Amy by the river for a picnic and beers, which we did for hourzzzzz (was v fun but I was v tired), I hadn't seen her for ages so it was lovely!

Today I went to the gym and didn't do much and slept at my grandparents' but this evening after collecting a guitar Sebastian came round and it was lovely! He really does make me smile v much :-) he was so excited about the guitar and idk I hate being soppy but he really is wonderful. Work tomorrow...weird to think that's my life now for like a year!

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