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Monday, October 30, 2017
Icarus (Demo)

I'm not sure if I've done a lot or not since the last entry! Maybe I have but it kind of doesn't feel like it.

  • I went to Amy's place in Tooting for dinner which was nice, had that and a glass of wine and a chat which was v chill
  • I've been going to the gym a LOT, which I'm actually really enjoying! I've been on my own a few times and with Ellie a few times, she's taught me a load of strength stuff which I'm really pleased about
  • Went to Nando's with Carissa in lieu of being able to find a pub, finished food and two bottles of wine which was the absolute dream and then popped to a pub to finish the evening off, was v gossipy and v good
  • Went to the gym with Ellie, then to Husk in Limehouse with my flatmate Chloe to work and then in the evening to Rebecca's where she cooked an amazing curry for me and Kathrine and we agreed to maybe start doing a podcast, or at least to try one and see how it works out which would be hilarious
  • Went to Palm Vaults in Hackney with Nour which was lovely, it was disgustingly gentrified and everything but was a v nice trip out and we walked back through London Fields and stuff which was great
  • That evening went to Kathrine's with Nour, saw all my Norwegian girls and loads of Norwegians I've never met before, then we went to Oslo which was a bit of a weird one
  • On the Sunday Jack made the whole flat brunch which was really sweet, then I did some work in the afternoon and in the evening me and Jack walked to Limehouse and Shadwell basins, and stopped for a pint in the Prospect of Whitby and it was a v nice way to spend an evening!
  • Gym with Ellie then hung out with Demetri and his friend and Jack then watched Peep Show with Jack last week
  • Went to Senate House and was really productive and came home and did more work, then went to see Zara Larsson with Kathrine! We went to Spoons first and had a bottle and a glass of wine each and then a pitcher each, and then went over to see Zara and she was just incredible! So much more than I could have hoped for, so emotional and soooo glad I got to see her with Kathrine!
  • Went to Westfield and then went to the pub with Nour and Michael on the Wednesday and that was really nice, was just a couple of hours in a Spoons and we chatted and hung out and it was v chill
  • Thursday was in uni all day, had my best day so far, was really fun and although people on my course aren't friends they're nice and that's good. Really interesting subject matter too, and then in the evening I went to the pub with Bassit which was nice, drank some pints and chatted then came back here, drank some Lambrini and chilled
  • Friday I went to uni all day and did work so not much to report there, Saturday I went to the gym in the morning then came home and did some work which was nice, then Rachel and Abi came. We went to Radio Alice for dinner which was really fun, then got ready and got drinking with music on which was fun too, then out to Building Six in Greenwich for a garage rave and fucking hell it was so sick, I've never been pinging off my nut that much hahaha I could see four of everything but it was sooooo sick, absolutely loved it
  • Yesterday I went home for the day to watch Alice play rugby, watched with her parents and Emma and they bought me three pints which was really nice, had a chat with her mum and she won 76-5!! We had a drink in the clubhouse afterwards and then she drove me home and we had a gossip, was soooo nice
  • I went to see my grandparents which was lovely, had a proper nice chat and then had a bath (proper luxury now) and a lovely roast and then watched Louis Theroux with mum, was v chill and nice
  • Today I went to work and it was draining and then did strength stuff at the gym with Ellie, was fun!

I am also doing masters work obviously lol (like in all the gaps basically) - it's good and so interesting but I have absolutely no way of telling if I'm doing enough or not which is a bit frustrating, but I guess I am only four weeks in so hopefully it'll become obvious sooner rather than later. I'm absolutely loving the subject matter though so I really hope the passion translates into actual knowledge...

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

I've had a really mixed week to be honest!

Monday I worked then went home after work to hang out with mum which was really nice, and then on Tuesday I worked and went to the Red Lion with Stuart for a couple of pints afterwards which was really nice, his friend turned up too and it was nice to do something else for a change

Wednesday I watched a couple of episodes of Bojack Horseman, then went to hang out with my grandparents for a bit which I really enjoyed, got to spend some proper time with both of them which was lovely!

Thursday I went into uni and it was alright, had some lunch with all the people from my first module but it seems like friends will probably elude me on this course! On one level it totally sucks and on another I don't care as much as I thought I would. Mostly it'd be nice to have someone to sit with in the library

Between 4pm Thursday and 4pm Friday I literally didn't speak to another human being at all and I don't actually think that's too unusual but I really didn't enjoy it, did some uni work at Goldsmiths library and then here, went to the gym both days which I'm really pleased with too. Saw Jack for a while on Friday evening then sorted my stuff out which was fine

Got up super early on Saturday in order to go Bath! Had such a funny coach trip down with Kathrine, Ellie and Hannah - laughing at Lacock and 'Laballs' and Kathrine like 'we don't need men any more. We have their sperm now', we had cups of coffee at Mary's kitchen table (Rebecca went down the day before) and then took a taxi to Avoncliff and had fish and chips at this lovely pub, The Cross Guns, by the canal, we had four bottles of wine and got tipsy and chatted about loads of stuff and it was sooooo lovely!

We then walked two hours along the canal to Bathampton, talking about so much stuff but especially women and careers and children and it got dark as we walked and sobered up and we ended up at a pub called The Bathampton Mill and had a couple more drinks and it was lovely.

After that we went back to Mary's, had some prosecco and some wine, played a very derivative version of Never Have I Ever which got pretty rowdy hahahaha before decamping to the living room and playing drunk Articulate which was so so fun! Then we just chatted for a while and drank more and it was sooooo nice, even ended up having a kind of chat in the bathroom for a lot longer than we meant to

All shared Mary's parents' room to sleep in, fell asleep at like 4 and woke up at 9, pretty tired but had really nice breakfast and coffee all around the table together before getting ready and going into Bath! We had a nice walk down and a wander round before going to a place called the Society Cafe where I had such a nice vegan chocolate and banana cake, and tried to explain none pizza with left beef to everyone but my shit explanation was too funny and I just had tears coming down, was so funny

Then we all got the bus back and I slept and chatted to Ellie and slept a bit more and now I've done life admin and had a rest - which I needed! Working tomorrow, taking stuff day by day at the minute.

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Sunday, October 08, 2017
Mask on, fuck it mask off

I honestly just forgot to write in here for like a month lol I've done a load of stuff though! I'll just do a little list

  • Got a post-Bestival cold and went to Ole and Steen and to hang out at the river with Alex
  • Went for some cocktails with Louisa at London Bridge Grind and Slug and Lettuce
  • Went to Labour staff drinks with Amy, Carissa and Stuart. We drank loads of free wine then went over to All Bar One across the road, got Jagerbombs and more drinks, had more food, had a DMC with Amy and then Stuart fell on my face on the pavement outside and my glasses are all loose now, suuuuch a fun evening
  • Charlie paid for me, mum, nan, Auntie Ann and Uncle Peter to eat at the Winning Post and it was actually a really nice family meal, never do that!
  • That night I went to Alice's, watched The Ugly Truth and walked Harvey and just had a chill, was really needed, had a girly talk (lol not usually my thing) and just laughed loads and it was great
  • That Saturday I went to Stepney to see my Norwegian girls, and then Kathrine and I went to Gremio de Brixton for Rhian's birthday, Nour and Rebecca and Ellie were also there and it was really fun! First time I'd had tapas and I even tried some squid, really cool underground restaurant and me and Kathrine got some jager and we all had a dance, was v nice. On the way back me and Kathrine got Dixie's, gave a sermon on the steps to some freshers who seemed to think we're the dog's bollocks and then we ate our chips and had a nice chat
  • On the following Monday I went to Spoons after work with Abi and Rachel and that was soooo fun, hadn't done it for ages and was like yas
  • Hung out quite a bit with my grandparents which was really really nice!
  • Went to Brick Lane with Alex and got vegetarian paella which was lovely, had a ridiculously extra mocha in this chocolate cafe and had a look at some vintage shops, was a really fuckin nice day
  • Went to the Brougham with Rachel which was cool, saw Mo there and he was trying to get with her lol
  • Louisa's mum Lynne died, which is horrible, she was such a lovely woman
  • Went to the Cat and Mutton with Nour, Rebecca, Sofie and Emilie because Viktor was here but tbh he was an hour late and wasn't that engaging lol so it was just nice to be with the girls.
  • Mowed my grandparents' lawns and watched an Amanda Knox documentary with mum
  • Viewed a couple of places, one of which I really liked, then the next day took mum to Cafe Venice for her birthday lunch which was well nice and then enrolled at Goldsmiths!
  • Went to the Roxy with Kathrine, Em and Cec (Mats turned up too) and it wasn't that great hahaha
  • Got the keys for the place I saw!! Which I am sitting in typing this's in Shadwell and I have my own fucking balcony, it's SO nice
  • Had fish and chips with mum, nan and grandad which was really nice
  • Induction day at Goldsmiths which was kind of dead tbh but done now
  • Went to Electric Brixton with Abi and Rachel, saw CASisDEAD unmasked which was fucking mental hahahaha honestly such a good fucking night
  • I saw Louisa on Saturday, went to Epsom and we hung out with Caitlin and then went for a walk on the Downs. Considering her situation she seemed as good as you can be, and it was really nice to see her. Then we chilled at hers for a bit more, and then I did some readings at home.
  • Went on the Heaven and Hell tour at work which was actually so sick, really enjoyed it. After work went to the Bear with Alice which was chill and much needed
  • Went for an hour long walk in Isleworth and that was fun, then spent some really nice time in the garden chatting to my grandparents. Saw Doug later lol and that's over, was sad for a couple of days but fine now
  • Hung out with Alex, went to a coffee shop in Richmond that neither of us had realised was there before, and then we got a coffee to go from Whole Foods and went to sit by the river before walking up to Richmond Hill and having a pint at the Roebuck. Put a lot of stuff in perspective and was so nice to hang out with him
  • Had my first proper day of lectures! Urban Field Encounters seemed a bit dead and I think I'll find it quite hard, but Navigating Urban Life seems like an absolute dream and picks up on all of my interests so that was great! Even had someone to have a coffee with at lunchtime which was good, her name is Mira and she's Swedish, not sure if we'll be chatty much but was nice for now.
  • Friday I moved into this place in Shadwell! It's sooo nice so far. I live with a French girl called Chloe, a guy called Jack and a Greek-American guy called Demetri. They all seem really nice, the kitchen and bathroom could be slightly cleaner but I think hopefully we'll work out a rhythm!
  • I went out with Abi on Friday night and we got a free drink at Piccadilly Institute, went for a walk with mini wine bottles and we ended up at Big Chill, sitting in a massive reserved seating area chatting shit and then dancing for way longer than either of us meant to 
  • Saturday I went out with Nour to Westfield, got a load of shit and we had a long coffee break in Costa too, was really nice (could have spent a loooot more than I did hahah), made me realise how happy I am to be back in the east end
  • Went to Nour's for curry on Saturday night, we had a long chat, ate the curry which was beyond good, chatted some more and then Ellie came round and we all just had tea/coke and chatted/bitched lol, was so chill and really nice and easy, proper nice evening!
  • Today I walked to Columbia Flower Market, bought a cheese plant, walked home and am now about to do readings with the cheese plant sitting on the balcony and it's sooooo nice!

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Monday, September 11, 2017
Bestival was spectacu-lacu-lar

So I've done quite a lot since the last entry lol

I went to see Alma with Abi at XOYO, was absolutely sick and she was completely brilliant, we knew nearly every word to every song and it was just so good! We can remember the whole of this one too, we were meant to have a sambuca shot after but ended up having four each and having an impromptu dance around the club before I stayed at Doug's (lol why is that his name)

Then I lost the room in the house that I got which is such utter shit, it gave me a really shitty weekend and it's causing me so much stress at the minute. Everything else is so good but I just need this sorted tbh, I did go to the pub with Carissa on Saturday which was fun though

Monday at work was actually really fun and needed, desk shared with Stuart which was fun and had some #officebanter

On Tuesday I went to Kingston and bought some new stuff, and then hung out with nan and grandad for a while which was lovely, before going to the pub with Doug (lol) (honestly kill me, just kill me now)

Wednesday I didn't do much because Thursday we went to Bestival! Had a really nice drive down listening to fresh milk playlist, I thought some hay bales were sheep which caused some general hilarity lol and once we managed to get our stuff through security we had a really good time, chilled in the tent and drank a bit before going to see Barely Legal at Bollywood, her set was live and she played a lot of stuff that I've put on our playlists which was fucking sick. Then we went to Logan Sama who did an absolutely live grime set, really enjoyed that

Friday was definitely the best day music wise, we went to see Alma again and she was absolutely brilliant, especially during Bonfire, and then we headed over to DJ Luck and MC Neat who were so good?!?!? They did such a good garage set and I got to hear loads of my favourites from 1Xtra which was really cool to experience live. After them we saw Heartless Crew and I was soooo gassed!!!! Got to see Heartless Theme and that little 'spectacu-lacu-lar' bit which was fucking amazing!!!

Then we dropped and went to see AJ Tracey and then Kurupt FM who were definitely my favourites of the entire time, the atmosphere in the tent was absolutely ridiculous and I was just absolutely on it, they completely went off and did all the bangers, it was soooo ridiculously sick!!

After them we headed over to Ram Jam and saw David Rodigan and Preditah which was also sick, especially during Feed Em to the Lions, such a brilliant night

Saturday was really good, went to see Nadia Rose and Stefflon Don with Abi and Jen and had some ciders, even though it was chucking it down it was so sick and then we went back to the tent and some drinks, didn't see anyone else that day until Shadow Child later but we met fucking MC Grindah?!?!?!!?!? He was absolutely mashed and so was I but he was really nice and obliging and had a photo with me which was sick, and then we headed to HMS Bestival to see Sink the Pink and that was just really fun and silly and needed

Sunday we woke up late feeling pretty dead and the winds were so high, we got ready to go and see Toddla T but me and Abi trekked to see the main arena and it was absolutely drenched in mud and water, and most of the acts had pulled out including Toddla T because of the weather so we decided the most sensible thing to do would be drive home, which we did. It's a bit of a shame that we didn't get to see Toddla T and Sir Spyro but the rest of the festival was so completely live that I'm not even bothered!!

Today I feel really shitty because I have a massive comedown and I'm back in the real world and stressed about the housing situation so I'm trying to take my mind off it but I feel like crap, but that weekend was SO GOOD!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Come come my lady

So I've had an interesting couple of weeks since I last wrote anything on this lol

The Monday after my last entry, after work I went to Rebecca's house as Camilla was over from Norway, so Louisa, Nour and Kathrine were there too and it was v v fun, had an indoor barbecue and some wine and shared a bed with Rebecca which wasn't bad at all!

The day after me, Nour, Rebecca, Louisa and Camilla went for brunch at Caravan in London Bridge which was really nice, and then I went to some shops with Lou and Camilla and watched them get piercings lol, and then went for a coffee and it was v nice

Went to Slough with my mum as a little day trip, was fun but definitely won't be doing that again in a rush lol it's literally Hounslow, and then went for a run with Alex when we came back which was fucking hard work as I'm so used to the treadmill but again, really enjoyed that, and then obviously a quick pint afterwards

On the Saturday went to the pub at Shepperton Lock with Amy and Alice and then up to the Magpie in Sunbury village and it was well nice to have a proper reunion kind of thing! Was so nice to hang out with them, and had a curry with my mum in the evening

Ran 6.4km on the Sunday after which was the dream! It didn't even take that long to do or seem that hard so I was v v happy

On the Monday I had a really tiring day at work, then went to a house viewing for a room I've now taken(!) - in a house on Zealand Road in Mile End, sharing with two girls who I haven't met yet but I'm sure are nice. Then I went to meet Doug (lol) and went round Foyles for an hour which was really fun, and then to this giant Spoons on Charing Cross Road, and nearly fell asleep on the tube on the way home ahaha

Had a couple of really horrible days at work, then went to the gym and met Alex for a coffee up the high street on my day off which was well nice. In the evening me and Rachel went to Abi's, had some wine and listened to some music which was great but some point of the evening must've deteriorated, because I was sick all over my doorstep at 4am ahahahah kill me

On Saturday I went to see Doug (lol) (no seriously lol) (kill me) and we went to Hyde Park for a few hours which was nice, because I was so hungover I wanted to die even more than I usually do and we all know how much that is, but he wasn't a dick about it so it was cool

Sunday went for brunch with Mary(!), Rhian(!), Louisa, Nour, Kathrine and Rebecca, at a place called the Jam Tree in Chelsea which was nice. The prosecco went down v v quickly lmaooo and I don't think any of us were anywhere near sober by the time we left :-)

Then we went to carnival for a while, I knew it wouldn't be the same going with uni people but it was still really fun, had a really nice couple of hours.

On Monday, me and Rach went to Abi's, where Jen was, to have some drinks before going to carnival and it was sooooo sick! We went to the SHY FX stage and the Rampage stage with a couple of others thrown in and then back to SHY FX, which was especially fucking sick, the music went offfff and we were off our tits it was absolutely amazing, such a good day, I did chat a bit of shit to a police officer though and it makes me so annoyed because if I was a PoC it would probably be worse, but honestly just fuck the police! Afterwards we went to Big Chill for a couple of drinks but we thought the dancefloor would be open, ah well, still a bloody lovely day

Today I have spent absolutely dying, reading Homo Deus and hanging out with my nan and grandad in the back garden, before work tomorrow :-)

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Sunday, August 13, 2017
Let me see you do the Kofi Annan

Since coming back from Lisbon I don't think I've done that much but I'm not sure! It took about a week to get back to full capacity lol

But I have done some stuff I guess

  • Went to see Baby Driver with mum which was a v good film
  • Had a couple of days at work with just Stuart which was actually sick, we get on really well so that was calm
  • Last Friday I met Kathrine after work, had a drink with her in Victoria Spoons then went to a pub called the Brougham and met loads of her work colleagues, including a guy called Mo who I had a dance off with at her birthday lmao and his mate Dhiren, got loads of drinks and got to chat loads about grime which was just the dream tbh, got a bloody cab with Dhiren to Cranford to go to a pub with his mates which was such a stupid thing to do but SO fun and so nice to hang out with different people for a change
  • Me and Alice walked her dog through Bushy Park on Saturday and ended up in the Bishop in Kingston which was v nice, had a curry with mum in the evening
  • Went to the gym and banged out a 5km on Sunday and felt loads better for it, chilled with my mum and grandparents and then watched a brilliant film about being gay in Palestine called Oriented
  • On Monday had drinks in the garden of the Crown and Shuttle with Nour which was v fun, had in depth debates and stupid gossip lmao, it was gr8 and her nephew was born that afternoon too!
  • Work was fine the day after then went for a date (lol) with Doug (lol) at the Brougham afterwards, was actually really fun and not awkward at all
  • Had a good session in the gym on Thursday and my new glasses arrived! In the evening went to Abi's with Rachel and she cooked - salmon and noodles for me and her, and a homemade burger for Rachel, and we drank some wine and listened to music and chatted and it was v v nice, and me and Rachel walked home across The Overpass which is known for DMCs lmao, was just a lovely evening
  • Went to Richmond with Alex on Friday, we got these lovely cinnamon things and iced coffees from the new Danish bakery, think it's called Ole and Steen? Sat on the Green with them, bought some beers and went to the river, then walked up to the Hill and sat at the top of that chatting for ages and it was suuuuch a nice day
  • Saturday went into London with Rachel, we went to an impromptu rooftop bar on South Bank and had overpriced cocktails, then dropped before going to the Tate Modern loooooool, that was so fun, really good exhibits including one on Lebanese architecture and one influenced by and including Barbara Kruger. After that went to a Maccy's and then went home, after a couple of hours I went to hers and we watched a few episodes of We Can Be Heroes and drank cider, looked at her yearbook and then watched some well good music videos and it was v chilled and v nice
  • Today I did a really fun and dare I say it kind of easy 5km in the gym and then had a really good bit of strength and conditioning, had a nice roast and sat in my grandparents' garden and chilled which was needed, now gonna eat and watch some First Dates I think!

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Tuesday, August 01, 2017
Scum fuck flower girl in Devon and Lisbon

So I've done a lot of cool stuff since I last blogged!

Had a v nice pub date with Alice at the Anglers which was cool, and then the next day found out the guy I hate at work is leaving (have my suspicions it was a big fat sacking) which was a bit of good news I really wanted!

The next day I went to a nice bar in St. Paul's with Kathrine, Sofie and Emilie and it started as some civilised chat with a couple of bottles of wine and ended up with us utilising the dancefloor as it always does! Sof is defo coming back next year but Em might not be which totally sucks but at least I'll have one of them!

The day after that I met Louisa, Nour and Ellie and we made the trip down to Devon on the train where we were met by Rebecca and Mary in the cars, and we drank some wine and chilled in Rebecca's lovely little farmhouse

The day after, we went for a walk on Dartmoor which was so fun, crossed a bit of a ravine which was a bit of a personal victory for dyspraxic me, got my trainers filled with water and had lovely chats. We then drove to a pub in Chagford for food and a chat and Rebecca drove with her top down and it was sick af

She has a yurt which she put up in a field behind her house and we sat in there with wine and snacks and played Articulate and Cards Against Humanity, had a break for a really lovely BBQ where we talked about loads of different shit and then back to the yurt until midnight

Sunday she had a family party thing but we played board games in the living room with homemade punch after we helped set up, and then afterwards sat in the garden with food and it was such a chilled and lovely weekend, so nice to get away from stuff for a while and just do something different

James (who I met at Oxford) came to Parliament on a really shitty day and cheered me right up! I hadn't seen him for two years and we'd just been messaging instead, comprising mostly of essay length ruminations, and it was soooo nice to catch up in real life!

Wednesday I packed to go to Lisbon, and then Rachel and Laura and I went to Abi's where Jen was already and we had a glass of prosecco and then went to bed, woke up at 5am and made our way to Stansted! Car journey was really fun and the car playlist banged ngl

Flight wasn't fab but landed in Lisbon, went for a little explore and got to a restaurant where there was traditional Portuguese music being played live and it was so small and intimate, I really really enjoyed it! After that we went to a bar where we got a round of Jungle Babe (lol right) shots and a cocktail and had a nice chat and then drank a bit more when we got back...oops

Friday we went to the beach at Cascais and chilled out and went in the incredibly cold sea lol and it was v v v nice, got back and grabbed some food at a restaurant that we went to kind of by accident and mine was suuuuch nice salmon, really enjoyed that! Went back, got ready to go out and accidentally went to four bars lol

The first was shockingly bad, the second was an Afrobeats kind of thing called Copenhagen which I was so there for, but not sure Lau was too much of a fan, third was a techno-ish place called Musicbox which me, Rach and Abi loved but the others didn't and the fourth was called Viking which everyone liked except me lol

Went back and me and Abi had a stupid drunk chat whilst Jen tried to eat chip sticks off a spoon hahahaa

Woke up way later than we meant to on Saturday and went to a lovely brunch place where you can draw something to stick on the wall, and Rachel drew Big Ben and little outlines of us which was cute, food was sooo nice too

Then we went for a wander around the harbour kind of area, and bumped into Michael Hall and his girlfriend Johanna! The five of us went to a little cafe thingy and then up to meet them both at a really nice viewpoint halfway back to Bairro Alto, where we had some beers and it was uncannily like Richmond riverside! That was really fun and really nice

We played some drinking games that evening and then went back to Viking and then an even worse bar I don't remember the name of hahaha but it was fun

Sunday we went to Sintra to visit Pena Palace and none of us felt our absolute best but the grounds were just so beautiful and we went really high up and I was quite proud of myself for not being a massive pussy about it! We also went for food at a restaurant which had absolutely horrendous service and then to a really cute tequila bar in Bairro Alto with really good music

Monday we were all just really tired so we did Starbucks and a couple of shops before heading back to the airport and we didn't get home until late because of roadworks and we were quite ratty, which is a bit of a shame to end a holiday with but up until that last glitch it was a really really good one!

The only other thing is that Tyler, the Creator released a new album and honestly it's the album he was always capable if he hadn't been problematic as shit and it is just SO GOOD it's emotional

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Sunday, July 16, 2017
In hell there's heaven

I've done some cool-ish stuff since last time I bothered to write in here

I went to an event about support for carers with Carissa, necked four glasses of wine and then ended up in Spoons until midnight which was very unexpected and v fun :-)

The next day I went with Rachel to get my second tattoo, which is two interlinking hands and blood encased in a circle - an old LC! logo but I just really like it - and after that we went to lunch with Ruth in Strangers, which is in some old ass bit of Parliament and was v nice and not as awkward as I thought it might be! After that I popped to the pub with Alice for a bit.

On Friday I went to Louisa's and she drove to the Stepping Stones at Box Hill which was v nice, we shared some crisps and had a chat then went for a walk before having a couple of beers in her garden :-) after that I had some fish and chips on my own at home which was actually really bloody nice

Last weekend I went to Kingston with Rachel to buy a couple of bits for Lisbon, then hung out with my grandparents before going to Cafe Venice with mum to have a meal which was cute, then we sat in the garden listening to U2 (God knows why) until it went dark which was a weird way to spend an evening

On Sunday I went to the gym and beat my personal best 5km record which I was chuffed about, chilled in the garden with nan and grandad in the afternoon and watched some First Dates with mum in the evening.

Monday I went to work and did casework all day which was fine, in the evening went on a date (lol) with someone called Doug (extra lol) from Tinder (triple lol) and it was actually fine, a little bit awkward but four drinks calmed that shit down. On Tuesday I went to Westfield with Abi and bought a little bit but she bought a ton, we went to Wagamama too and played our car playlist in the car and it was a bloody lovely day! In the evening we both went to Spoons with Rachel for a couple of quick drinks

Wednesday I went to London with Alex, we went and got coffee and sat in Russell Square, before going to SOAS to do a little bit of work and then to Franco Manca where we had pizza and a drink, before walking to King's Cross and having another drink there, was a v nice day chatting about politics and films and life and shit but also well tiring

Thursday I didn't feel too great so I went up the high street with nan, and then went to a residents' association meeting with Ruth which was actually really informative, but nothing much more than that.

Good though because Friday was Lovebox with Louisa! She came here and we got ready together and made some vodka for the train - made the journey a lot quicker lmao - and it was sick! We saw a couple of songs of Ray BLK, then Kaytranada who was fuckin sick as, had some food and dropped and then saw some DJ - God knows who - and then Solange. I didn't like Solange loads before I saw her, but she was actually sick and her show was like borderline emotional lmao

She was completely awesome, and then we headed over to Frank Ocean, who I liked but wasn't that familiar with, but he did some brilliant songs and that was a proper emotional atmosphere! The best were Nikes, Pink + White, Solo and Thinking Bout You I think, but it was a well sick set.

Afterwards we went to Big Chill House in King's Cross for a couple of hours which was well good, proper old school hip hop and stuff, tried to bust out some moves to match a couple of these guys on the dancefloor but they were just amazing! That was sooooo fun. Then in the morning Rachel drove us to the Fallow Deer and we had suuuch a nice breakfast, Louisa went home and we went for a drive

After that I just went to my grandparents' and that was nice, they were both on fine form, and then last night me and mum just got curry and watched First Dates :-) today I did gym, dinner and sat in the garden with grandparents but feeling a bit offish today for some reason. Going to watch Hypernormalisation for the second time with mum later which'll be nice!

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Tuesday, July 04, 2017
L.o.v.e.l.e.s.s generation

I haven't done an entry for so long! I've done a load of fun stuff since the last time:

The Tuesday after Nour stayed round, me and Rachel went to Hampton outdoor pool because I had a day off and it was 30 degrees, and bloody hell it was soooo nice! We hung out in the pool and had a little sunbathe on the grass and it was well nice to be in water in that heat, but I hardly got a tan. Oh well. Then Rachel came back here for a bit and we shared a bottle of gross fruit wine and some grape juice and vodka lmao and listened to some Kendrick Lamar and it was just sick

On the Thursday I went to St. James' Park after work with Louisa, Nour, Sam, Kathrine, Rebecca and Ellie and we all hung out and sat in the sun which was just lovely, hadn't seen some of them for ages so it was great for us to all be able to catch up, and some of us had ciders and I enjoyed that v v much

That weekend I had a really good gym session, then went to Hammersmith Belushi's in the evening - we had some drinks here and that was really fun, we had a little dance, and I got with a fucking 19 year old at the place hahahaha but it was a bar full of right creeps so except for that it was well good!

Had a couple of really nice afternoons with mum, nan and grandad sat in their garden having a little chat too, really enjoy sitting in the garden with them and hanging out!

Ryan came into work all of last week, from Infusion to Parliament isn't too bad! It was great to have him all week, we've always gotten on really well. On Tuesday Carissa and I went to Sports for a quick drink and gossip after work which I really enjoyed.

I had the Thursday off and did a really good 5km in the gym, one of the best I've done for ages, and then hung out with my grandparents which was v nice before meeting Alex at the Nelson for a couple of pints before going to a reeeeaally bloody tedious CLP meeting! Neither of us had really eaten though so we were both quite tipsy, not sure how we would've got through it otherwise.

Friday was my last full time contracted day at work and it was pretty boring but went for a quick drink with Ryan and Carissa after, and then me and Rachel went to Abi's where Jen was staying all weekend and after having some really funny predrinks we headed out to Fabric! Really enjoyed the predrinks and Fabric was so sick, wasn't sure at first because it wasn't as intense a feeling but we were definitely feeling it because we managed to stay out until 5.30! Some really sick music and got to see Benny Page who was sick, and Shadow Child who definitely wasn't that great...really good night out that was very needed

Saturday I woke Rachel up earlier than she would've liked hahahaha and then when everyone was awake we went to have breakfast, Helen had got loads of sick shit in so had mushrooms and poached egg on a muffin and a pan au chocolat which was well nice

Then we went to Hounslow Aldi and Feltham Aldi in search of those frozen cocktails and into a car wash which was soooo sick! I'm quite easily amused lol and when I got home I mowed some lawn and then we chilled out

Sunday me, Rachel and Laura were picked up by Abi and Jen and we had some cocktails and drinks at hers before getting the train up to the Brixton rooftop beach thingy in order to be agents of gentrification. It was fun and it was really warm but my back was dying and the music wasn't really my sort of music but hanging out with them all was still really nice, Lisbitches reunited! One of the nicest weekends I've had for a very long time :-)

Yesterday I went to work to do a handover withh Stuart and it was chill, then went to an all member CLP meeting in the evening with Alex, and Bassit who I hadn't seen since college was there and it was sick to see him! Got my student loan statement through though and I'm a cool 48000k in debt which is kind of more funny than anything else haahahah

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Sunday, June 18, 2017
Debuting summer weather

Been quite eventful since the last post!

The week after we came back from Jen's was just full on canvassing - did loads of Ivybridge on the Monday and some school gates, but I got a break on Monday evening to go to Zizzi's with Eline and her parents, my mum and Nour, which was lovely - including a leaflet drop at 10pm on Wednesday night with my mum. I didn't think we had any chance of winning because of the massive national swing towards the Tories but we held the seat with a 12,000 majority, up from a 465 marginal before! Very exciting. On the actual day we did 13 hours of canvassing, 15 miles walking and me and Amy ran around running our own board until the last possible minute! It was actually really exhilarating.

The day after I drove to Thames Court in Shepperton for a drink with Alice which is ironic since she's my only Tory mate, and that was v v nice. The day after that was a Saturday, and Louisa and me went to the Comptoir on Kingston riverside, and then a pub called the Bishop for an aperol spritz or two and it was well nice to catch up and stuff.

The Sunday I went to the gym - I forgot how much I like doing that on Sundays over the election period - and then had dinner with my mum and grandparents, and had a really nice chat with my grandad about his life between leaving Greenock and moving to Jersey and it was so interesting.

Monday I was at home in the morning and got bored so wrote an article quickly that then got picked up by Consented lol which I was quite pleased about, then went to Flower's house with Rachel to hang out with them and lovely Misty, then we moved to Meadway with a speaker and it was a v nice v warm afternoon!

Tuesday and Wednesday at work were just a bit dead tbh, I am really worried about what it'll be like when I finish doing full time because I'm really bad when I don't have structure, but I'm also bored at work and have lost all motivation to do my job hahaha. I had Thursday off and had a really nice time at the gym because it was all without rushing, hung out with my grandparents and didn't do all that much! Friday at work I just talked to Amy all day basically and then went to a lovely pub called the Magic Garden and then a bar called Lost and Co with my friend Amy in the evening which was so much bloody nicer than I thought it'd be!

This weekend Nour came to stay, and it was bloody 30 degrees! We went to Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park which was lovely, although not quite as pretty as other people's instagrams make it seem like it would be! Then Rachel drove us to Tesco and we all got some cans of mojito and cosmo and Pimm's and other gross stuff that shouldn't really be distilled into cans as well as a fucking awful bottle of strawberry god knows what, and then me and Nour came home and had a curry and watched First Dates which was soooo fun!

Then we left and went to Richmond with Abi and Rachel, we walked up to the hill as the sun was setting and stayed there with the cans and the speaker away from like everyone else all night, and as we were thinking about going home Abi bought a very nasty bottle of wine from the Roebuck, and we all had a dance and a chat and watched the sun set and it was a really fuckin nice evening! We made some toast when we got home and went to bed and it was a 10/10 day :-)

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