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Charlotte. I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Check your facts.

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Monday, October 30, 2017
Icarus (Demo)

I'm not sure if I've done a lot or not since the last entry! Maybe I have but it kind of doesn't feel like it.

  • I went to Amy's place in Tooting for dinner which was nice, had that and a glass of wine and a chat which was v chill
  • I've been going to the gym a LOT, which I'm actually really enjoying! I've been on my own a few times and with Ellie a few times, she's taught me a load of strength stuff which I'm really pleased about
  • Went to Nando's with Carissa in lieu of being able to find a pub, finished food and two bottles of wine which was the absolute dream and then popped to a pub to finish the evening off, was v gossipy and v good
  • Went to the gym with Ellie, then to Husk in Limehouse with my flatmate Chloe to work and then in the evening to Rebecca's where she cooked an amazing curry for me and Kathrine and we agreed to maybe start doing a podcast, or at least to try one and see how it works out which would be hilarious
  • Went to Palm Vaults in Hackney with Nour which was lovely, it was disgustingly gentrified and everything but was a v nice trip out and we walked back through London Fields and stuff which was great
  • That evening went to Kathrine's with Nour, saw all my Norwegian girls and loads of Norwegians I've never met before, then we went to Oslo which was a bit of a weird one
  • On the Sunday Jack made the whole flat brunch which was really sweet, then I did some work in the afternoon and in the evening me and Jack walked to Limehouse and Shadwell basins, and stopped for a pint in the Prospect of Whitby and it was a v nice way to spend an evening!
  • Gym with Ellie then hung out with Demetri and his friend and Jack then watched Peep Show with Jack last week
  • Went to Senate House and was really productive and came home and did more work, then went to see Zara Larsson with Kathrine! We went to Spoons first and had a bottle and a glass of wine each and then a pitcher each, and then went over to see Zara and she was just incredible! So much more than I could have hoped for, so emotional and soooo glad I got to see her with Kathrine!
  • Went to Westfield and then went to the pub with Nour and Michael on the Wednesday and that was really nice, was just a couple of hours in a Spoons and we chatted and hung out and it was v chill
  • Thursday was in uni all day, had my best day so far, was really fun and although people on my course aren't friends they're nice and that's good. Really interesting subject matter too, and then in the evening I went to the pub with Bassit which was nice, drank some pints and chatted then came back here, drank some Lambrini and chilled
  • Friday I went to uni all day and did work so not much to report there, Saturday I went to the gym in the morning then came home and did some work which was nice, then Rachel and Abi came. We went to Radio Alice for dinner which was really fun, then got ready and got drinking with music on which was fun too, then out to Building Six in Greenwich for a garage rave and fucking hell it was so sick, I've never been pinging off my nut that much hahaha I could see four of everything but it was sooooo sick, absolutely loved it
  • Yesterday I went home for the day to watch Alice play rugby, watched with her parents and Emma and they bought me three pints which was really nice, had a chat with her mum and she won 76-5!! We had a drink in the clubhouse afterwards and then she drove me home and we had a gossip, was soooo nice
  • I went to see my grandparents which was lovely, had a proper nice chat and then had a bath (proper luxury now) and a lovely roast and then watched Louis Theroux with mum, was v chill and nice
  • Today I went to work and it was draining and then did strength stuff at the gym with Ellie, was fun!

I am also doing masters work obviously lol (like in all the gaps basically) - it's good and so interesting but I have absolutely no way of telling if I'm doing enough or not which is a bit frustrating, but I guess I am only four weeks in so hopefully it'll become obvious sooner rather than later. I'm absolutely loving the subject matter though so I really hope the passion translates into actual knowledge...

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