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Charlotte. I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Check your facts.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

I've had a really mixed week to be honest!

Monday I worked then went home after work to hang out with mum which was really nice, and then on Tuesday I worked and went to the Red Lion with Stuart for a couple of pints afterwards which was really nice, his friend turned up too and it was nice to do something else for a change

Wednesday I watched a couple of episodes of Bojack Horseman, then went to hang out with my grandparents for a bit which I really enjoyed, got to spend some proper time with both of them which was lovely!

Thursday I went into uni and it was alright, had some lunch with all the people from my first module but it seems like friends will probably elude me on this course! On one level it totally sucks and on another I don't care as much as I thought I would. Mostly it'd be nice to have someone to sit with in the library

Between 4pm Thursday and 4pm Friday I literally didn't speak to another human being at all and I don't actually think that's too unusual but I really didn't enjoy it, did some uni work at Goldsmiths library and then here, went to the gym both days which I'm really pleased with too. Saw Jack for a while on Friday evening then sorted my stuff out which was fine

Got up super early on Saturday in order to go Bath! Had such a funny coach trip down with Kathrine, Ellie and Hannah - laughing at Lacock and 'Laballs' and Kathrine like 'we don't need men any more. We have their sperm now', we had cups of coffee at Mary's kitchen table (Rebecca went down the day before) and then took a taxi to Avoncliff and had fish and chips at this lovely pub, The Cross Guns, by the canal, we had four bottles of wine and got tipsy and chatted about loads of stuff and it was sooooo lovely!

We then walked two hours along the canal to Bathampton, talking about so much stuff but especially women and careers and children and it got dark as we walked and sobered up and we ended up at a pub called The Bathampton Mill and had a couple more drinks and it was lovely.

After that we went back to Mary's, had some prosecco and some wine, played a very derivative version of Never Have I Ever which got pretty rowdy hahahaha before decamping to the living room and playing drunk Articulate which was so so fun! Then we just chatted for a while and drank more and it was sooooo nice, even ended up having a kind of chat in the bathroom for a lot longer than we meant to

All shared Mary's parents' room to sleep in, fell asleep at like 4 and woke up at 9, pretty tired but had really nice breakfast and coffee all around the table together before getting ready and going into Bath! We had a nice walk down and a wander round before going to a place called the Society Cafe where I had such a nice vegan chocolate and banana cake, and tried to explain none pizza with left beef to everyone but my shit explanation was too funny and I just had tears coming down, was so funny

Then we all got the bus back and I slept and chatted to Ellie and slept a bit more and now I've done life admin and had a rest - which I needed! Working tomorrow, taking stuff day by day at the minute.

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