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Monday, September 11, 2017
Bestival was spectacu-lacu-lar

So I've done quite a lot since the last entry lol

I went to see Alma with Abi at XOYO, was absolutely sick and she was completely brilliant, we knew nearly every word to every song and it was just so good! We can remember the whole of this one too, we were meant to have a sambuca shot after but ended up having four each and having an impromptu dance around the club before I stayed at Doug's (lol why is that his name)

Then I lost the room in the house that I got which is such utter shit, it gave me a really shitty weekend and it's causing me so much stress at the minute. Everything else is so good but I just need this sorted tbh, I did go to the pub with Carissa on Saturday which was fun though

Monday at work was actually really fun and needed, desk shared with Stuart which was fun and had some #officebanter

On Tuesday I went to Kingston and bought some new stuff, and then hung out with nan and grandad for a while which was lovely, before going to the pub with Doug (lol) (honestly kill me, just kill me now)

Wednesday I didn't do much because Thursday we went to Bestival! Had a really nice drive down listening to fresh milk playlist, I thought some hay bales were sheep which caused some general hilarity lol and once we managed to get our stuff through security we had a really good time, chilled in the tent and drank a bit before going to see Barely Legal at Bollywood, her set was live and she played a lot of stuff that I've put on our playlists which was fucking sick. Then we went to Logan Sama who did an absolutely live grime set, really enjoyed that

Friday was definitely the best day music wise, we went to see Alma again and she was absolutely brilliant, especially during Bonfire, and then we headed over to DJ Luck and MC Neat who were so good?!?!? They did such a good garage set and I got to hear loads of my favourites from 1Xtra which was really cool to experience live. After them we saw Heartless Crew and I was soooo gassed!!!! Got to see Heartless Theme and that little 'spectacu-lacu-lar' bit which was fucking amazing!!!

Then we dropped and went to see AJ Tracey and then Kurupt FM who were definitely my favourites of the entire time, the atmosphere in the tent was absolutely ridiculous and I was just absolutely on it, they completely went off and did all the bangers, it was soooo ridiculously sick!!

After them we headed over to Ram Jam and saw David Rodigan and Preditah which was also sick, especially during Feed Em to the Lions, such a brilliant night

Saturday was really good, went to see Nadia Rose and Stefflon Don with Abi and Jen and had some ciders, even though it was chucking it down it was so sick and then we went back to the tent and some drinks, didn't see anyone else that day until Shadow Child later but we met fucking MC Grindah?!?!?!!?!? He was absolutely mashed and so was I but he was really nice and obliging and had a photo with me which was sick, and then we headed to HMS Bestival to see Sink the Pink and that was just really fun and silly and needed

Sunday we woke up late feeling pretty dead and the winds were so high, we got ready to go and see Toddla T but me and Abi trekked to see the main arena and it was absolutely drenched in mud and water, and most of the acts had pulled out including Toddla T because of the weather so we decided the most sensible thing to do would be drive home, which we did. It's a bit of a shame that we didn't get to see Toddla T and Sir Spyro but the rest of the festival was so completely live that I'm not even bothered!!

Today I feel really shitty because I have a massive comedown and I'm back in the real world and stressed about the housing situation so I'm trying to take my mind off it but I feel like crap, but that weekend was SO GOOD!

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