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Sunday, August 13, 2017
Let me see you do the Kofi Annan

Since coming back from Lisbon I don't think I've done that much but I'm not sure! It took about a week to get back to full capacity lol

But I have done some stuff I guess

  • Went to see Baby Driver with mum which was a v good film
  • Had a couple of days at work with just Stuart which was actually sick, we get on really well so that was calm
  • Last Friday I met Kathrine after work, had a drink with her in Victoria Spoons then went to a pub called the Brougham and met loads of her work colleagues, including a guy called Mo who I had a dance off with at her birthday lmao and his mate Dhiren, got loads of drinks and got to chat loads about grime which was just the dream tbh, got a bloody cab with Dhiren to Cranford to go to a pub with his mates which was such a stupid thing to do but SO fun and so nice to hang out with different people for a change
  • Me and Alice walked her dog through Bushy Park on Saturday and ended up in the Bishop in Kingston which was v nice, had a curry with mum in the evening
  • Went to the gym and banged out a 5km on Sunday and felt loads better for it, chilled with my mum and grandparents and then watched a brilliant film about being gay in Palestine called Oriented
  • On Monday had drinks in the garden of the Crown and Shuttle with Nour which was v fun, had in depth debates and stupid gossip lmao, it was gr8 and her nephew was born that afternoon too!
  • Work was fine the day after then went for a date (lol) with Doug (lol) at the Brougham afterwards, was actually really fun and not awkward at all
  • Had a good session in the gym on Thursday and my new glasses arrived! In the evening went to Abi's with Rachel and she cooked - salmon and noodles for me and her, and a homemade burger for Rachel, and we drank some wine and listened to music and chatted and it was v v nice, and me and Rachel walked home across The Overpass which is known for DMCs lmao, was just a lovely evening
  • Went to Richmond with Alex on Friday, we got these lovely cinnamon things and iced coffees from the new Danish bakery, think it's called Ole and Steen? Sat on the Green with them, bought some beers and went to the river, then walked up to the Hill and sat at the top of that chatting for ages and it was suuuuch a nice day
  • Saturday went into London with Rachel, we went to an impromptu rooftop bar on South Bank and had overpriced cocktails, then dropped before going to the Tate Modern loooooool, that was so fun, really good exhibits including one on Lebanese architecture and one influenced by and including Barbara Kruger. After that went to a Maccy's and then went home, after a couple of hours I went to hers and we watched a few episodes of We Can Be Heroes and drank cider, looked at her yearbook and then watched some well good music videos and it was v chilled and v nice
  • Today I did a really fun and dare I say it kind of easy 5km in the gym and then had a really good bit of strength and conditioning, had a nice roast and sat in my grandparents' garden and chilled which was needed, now gonna eat and watch some First Dates I think!

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