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Tuesday, August 01, 2017
Scum fuck flower girl in Devon and Lisbon

So I've done a lot of cool stuff since I last blogged!

Had a v nice pub date with Alice at the Anglers which was cool, and then the next day found out the guy I hate at work is leaving (have my suspicions it was a big fat sacking) which was a bit of good news I really wanted!

The next day I went to a nice bar in St. Paul's with Kathrine, Sofie and Emilie and it started as some civilised chat with a couple of bottles of wine and ended up with us utilising the dancefloor as it always does! Sof is defo coming back next year but Em might not be which totally sucks but at least I'll have one of them!

The day after that I met Louisa, Nour and Ellie and we made the trip down to Devon on the train where we were met by Rebecca and Mary in the cars, and we drank some wine and chilled in Rebecca's lovely little farmhouse

The day after, we went for a walk on Dartmoor which was so fun, crossed a bit of a ravine which was a bit of a personal victory for dyspraxic me, got my trainers filled with water and had lovely chats. We then drove to a pub in Chagford for food and a chat and Rebecca drove with her top down and it was sick af

She has a yurt which she put up in a field behind her house and we sat in there with wine and snacks and played Articulate and Cards Against Humanity, had a break for a really lovely BBQ where we talked about loads of different shit and then back to the yurt until midnight

Sunday she had a family party thing but we played board games in the living room with homemade punch after we helped set up, and then afterwards sat in the garden with food and it was such a chilled and lovely weekend, so nice to get away from stuff for a while and just do something different

James (who I met at Oxford) came to Parliament on a really shitty day and cheered me right up! I hadn't seen him for two years and we'd just been messaging instead, comprising mostly of essay length ruminations, and it was soooo nice to catch up in real life!

Wednesday I packed to go to Lisbon, and then Rachel and Laura and I went to Abi's where Jen was already and we had a glass of prosecco and then went to bed, woke up at 5am and made our way to Stansted! Car journey was really fun and the car playlist banged ngl

Flight wasn't fab but landed in Lisbon, went for a little explore and got to a restaurant where there was traditional Portuguese music being played live and it was so small and intimate, I really really enjoyed it! After that we went to a bar where we got a round of Jungle Babe (lol right) shots and a cocktail and had a nice chat and then drank a bit more when we got back...oops

Friday we went to the beach at Cascais and chilled out and went in the incredibly cold sea lol and it was v v v nice, got back and grabbed some food at a restaurant that we went to kind of by accident and mine was suuuuch nice salmon, really enjoyed that! Went back, got ready to go out and accidentally went to four bars lol

The first was shockingly bad, the second was an Afrobeats kind of thing called Copenhagen which I was so there for, but not sure Lau was too much of a fan, third was a techno-ish place called Musicbox which me, Rach and Abi loved but the others didn't and the fourth was called Viking which everyone liked except me lol

Went back and me and Abi had a stupid drunk chat whilst Jen tried to eat chip sticks off a spoon hahahaa

Woke up way later than we meant to on Saturday and went to a lovely brunch place where you can draw something to stick on the wall, and Rachel drew Big Ben and little outlines of us which was cute, food was sooo nice too

Then we went for a wander around the harbour kind of area, and bumped into Michael Hall and his girlfriend Johanna! The five of us went to a little cafe thingy and then up to meet them both at a really nice viewpoint halfway back to Bairro Alto, where we had some beers and it was uncannily like Richmond riverside! That was really fun and really nice

We played some drinking games that evening and then went back to Viking and then an even worse bar I don't remember the name of hahaha but it was fun

Sunday we went to Sintra to visit Pena Palace and none of us felt our absolute best but the grounds were just so beautiful and we went really high up and I was quite proud of myself for not being a massive pussy about it! We also went for food at a restaurant which had absolutely horrendous service and then to a really cute tequila bar in Bairro Alto with really good music

Monday we were all just really tired so we did Starbucks and a couple of shops before heading back to the airport and we didn't get home until late because of roadworks and we were quite ratty, which is a bit of a shame to end a holiday with but up until that last glitch it was a really really good one!

The only other thing is that Tyler, the Creator released a new album and honestly it's the album he was always capable if he hadn't been problematic as shit and it is just SO GOOD it's emotional

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