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Sunday, July 16, 2017
In hell there's heaven

I've done some cool-ish stuff since last time I bothered to write in here

I went to an event about support for carers with Carissa, necked four glasses of wine and then ended up in Spoons until midnight which was very unexpected and v fun :-)

The next day I went with Rachel to get my second tattoo, which is two interlinking hands and blood encased in a circle - an old LC! logo but I just really like it - and after that we went to lunch with Ruth in Strangers, which is in some old ass bit of Parliament and was v nice and not as awkward as I thought it might be! After that I popped to the pub with Alice for a bit.

On Friday I went to Louisa's and she drove to the Stepping Stones at Box Hill which was v nice, we shared some crisps and had a chat then went for a walk before having a couple of beers in her garden :-) after that I had some fish and chips on my own at home which was actually really bloody nice

Last weekend I went to Kingston with Rachel to buy a couple of bits for Lisbon, then hung out with my grandparents before going to Cafe Venice with mum to have a meal which was cute, then we sat in the garden listening to U2 (God knows why) until it went dark which was a weird way to spend an evening

On Sunday I went to the gym and beat my personal best 5km record which I was chuffed about, chilled in the garden with nan and grandad in the afternoon and watched some First Dates with mum in the evening.

Monday I went to work and did casework all day which was fine, in the evening went on a date (lol) with someone called Doug (extra lol) from Tinder (triple lol) and it was actually fine, a little bit awkward but four drinks calmed that shit down. On Tuesday I went to Westfield with Abi and bought a little bit but she bought a ton, we went to Wagamama too and played our car playlist in the car and it was a bloody lovely day! In the evening we both went to Spoons with Rachel for a couple of quick drinks

Wednesday I went to London with Alex, we went and got coffee and sat in Russell Square, before going to SOAS to do a little bit of work and then to Franco Manca where we had pizza and a drink, before walking to King's Cross and having another drink there, was a v nice day chatting about politics and films and life and shit but also well tiring

Thursday I didn't feel too great so I went up the high street with nan, and then went to a residents' association meeting with Ruth which was actually really informative, but nothing much more than that.

Good though because Friday was Lovebox with Louisa! She came here and we got ready together and made some vodka for the train - made the journey a lot quicker lmao - and it was sick! We saw a couple of songs of Ray BLK, then Kaytranada who was fuckin sick as, had some food and dropped and then saw some DJ - God knows who - and then Solange. I didn't like Solange loads before I saw her, but she was actually sick and her show was like borderline emotional lmao

She was completely awesome, and then we headed over to Frank Ocean, who I liked but wasn't that familiar with, but he did some brilliant songs and that was a proper emotional atmosphere! The best were Nikes, Pink + White, Solo and Thinking Bout You I think, but it was a well sick set.

Afterwards we went to Big Chill House in King's Cross for a couple of hours which was well good, proper old school hip hop and stuff, tried to bust out some moves to match a couple of these guys on the dancefloor but they were just amazing! That was sooooo fun. Then in the morning Rachel drove us to the Fallow Deer and we had suuuch a nice breakfast, Louisa went home and we went for a drive

After that I just went to my grandparents' and that was nice, they were both on fine form, and then last night me and mum just got curry and watched First Dates :-) today I did gym, dinner and sat in the garden with grandparents but feeling a bit offish today for some reason. Going to watch Hypernormalisation for the second time with mum later which'll be nice!

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