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Sunday, June 04, 2017
London to Lutterworth: 'finger my crack' edition

It's been a very busy couple of weeks!

The day after I last did a post, I went to Cafe Venice with my mum which was v nice, and when Rachel was in work we bought some Alcohol Based Drinks (TM) - nobody knows what's in those cans do they? - and that was nice too, but work has been very worky ahhaha

On that Friday I sat on the green in Twickenham with Rachel and Abi after driving to Sainsbury's, and then later went to the Blucher and Abby came for an hour or so and that was pretty nice

On the Saturday I spent a lot of time with nan and grandad, I helped mum mow their lawns and had a go mowing ours too, we sat in their back garden and had a chat and that was very nice! Sunday morning I went to the gym which I really enjoyed, I hadn't been for ages and that was pretty bloody pertinent!

After hanging out with my grandparents I went to XOYO with Abi and Rach after an hour or so at Abi's house, and it was soooo sick! The music was absolutely ideal, I met DJ Barely Legal (think I sounded like an absolute nut but she could see my eyes so I'm sure she was fine with it hahah) and I love her so that was fucking brilliant, perfect night out, Plastician and Spooky also played, except getting the night bus back but that wasn't toooo horrendous

Monday was a bank holiday and I hung out with my grandparents for a bit before going to Tesco to get Jen's birthday stuff with Rachel and Abi, and we went to Starbucks in Teddington same as the week before too! In the evening I watched the leaders' debate with mum and our man Jez was on fiyah

Tuesday I went on a date (lol) because I was like, man needs to push myself. It was fine, wasn't awkward and he was very nice if not a bit pretentious - he literally said 'I'm just such a creative' and I had to hold back a snort - but I didn't fancy him at all but it's like, it's good to do something that scares you!

Did some canvassing for the first time on Thursday, met Eddie Izzard whilst he made a promo video on Friday and on Saturday drove with Rachel and Abi to Lutterworth for Jen's birthday! Loved the journey as per, then we went to a steakhouse but I had fish and chips, then hung out in Jen's room for a bit before getting ready and having predrinks before going into Leicester. The actual night out wasn't great, we saw there had been a terror attack on London Bridge/in Borough Market which soured the mood obvs and it was a v Hippodrome type club which really isn't something I'd like any more!

This morning we just chilled and hung out and it was like being in the tent at Bestival but a much bigger more sanitary version, and Jen's lovely cat Oscar came and hung out with us, he's 18 and so soppy and I love him so much! It was well nice to see Jen again and I think she had a really good birthday which was what we wanted, and in the car on the way back me and Abi had a nice chat and yeah it was a v lovely weekend except the actual night out bit!

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