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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Side to side

Well I was very misguided in my last blog post, because last week was an utterly shite one :-)

I went to see Alma with Abi, we drank on the train on the way up and in a Tesco car park once we got there, and then more at the venue, and Alma was bloody amazing and kickass as fuck and I hate that word, but then we were both a bit too drunk and I cried and she puked lmao, but the actual gig was good!!

Went to see my grandad for his birthday which was nice, and had a curry with mum, and then on Friday we leafleted some schools and it was quite nice.

On Saturday, I saw my grandparents in the morning and then in the afternoon went to Abi's to eat pasta and get ready to go out, which we did to this rooftop bar in Brixton which was fun but kind of gentrified. It was good but not great until like 11 and after we dropped it was soooo much better, really good night!

We all went back to Abi's then on the Sunday morning we went for breakfast, then to Starbucks in Teddington, which was sweet and the kind of thing I wish we had more time to do now! I went home, hung out with my grandparents, went for a drive with mum and chilled in the evening.

Work on Monday was alright, didn't go on for too long, and then Monday evening I went up to Mile End for predrinks with Kathrine, Sofie, Emilie, Cecilie and some others, which was v fun - I wasn't going to go to Drapers but I ended up going for like 45 mins which was just enough and it was a v fun evening!

On Monday night there was a terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester which was awful, and obviously campaigning has been suspended so I've been working from home. Yesterday I did a load of work then went out for a walk, and today I'm going to work in the garden and go to the cinema with Amy and Alice later to watch Guardians of the Galaxy which I'm looking forward to a lot!

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