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Saturday, March 18, 2017
Number 1 angel

I've done quite a lot since the last entry (I must sound so fucking boring from my entries in here. There is literally no character. This is a list of my life. 35-year-old me, are you happy with this? Really?)

  • The Monday after my birthday I did a half day at work and then went shopping with Eline and Vilde which was soooo nice, only bought some skincare but it was really nice, and we went to Pizza Express afterwards which felt like a proper treat. Then Kathrine came to join us, and me and Kathrine went to the Nordic Bar and met all the Scandis and hung out with Sofie, Emilie and Cec for a bit which was really nice
  • Had a nice lunch in St. James' Park with Kathrine on one of the nicest days we've had so far this year, and after work went to a Tooting CLP event called 'Nevertheless She Persisted' and it was so inspirational, some really cool women got up and did their shit
  • Went to the gym a few times and saw nan and grandad obv, which was nice, and grandad was on his steroids and being proper sassy which was great!
  • On the Saturday me and Rachel went to the Victoria Miro in Angel and there was this sick exhibition, it was like a series of rooms made out of mesh with properly intricate detail and it was lovely. After that we went to the Earl of Essex pub and had wine, then beer, and food in their garden and stayed there for ages and it was the first pub garden of the year - I looooove a pub garden and it was such a good day!
  • Beat my PB 5km in the gym on Sunday!
  • Went to Spoons with Amy and Alice to celebrate Alice's new job and it was so nice! We decided to go out on Earth Day (coincidentally) next month and I don't know why we all found it so funny but we did! We had cocktail pitchers like we used to when we were like 19 and it was really really fun
  • Work was good yesterday, I had a chat break with Amy for like an hour which was nice, and then after work came home and got ready to go out. Abi collected me and Rach and then we drove to Acton, sorted stuff out and then went to Sasha's for predrinks. Stayed there for a couple of hours listening to music and talking and then went to Brixton Jamm, the crowd were horrible and so aggressive and the venue was waaaaay too small so it was v sweaty but the music was sick so that was fine! It was a bit of a mixed night but it was v nice to see Sash again
  • I feel weirdly fine today, considering I got in at 5.15am! I went for a coffee with Alice at lunchtime and we were proper in fits of laughter, and in half an hour Rachel is picking me up and then we're going to Abi's, and then to Wagamama because I can't decide whether I like the idea of vegetable katsu curry and I'm going to try it out! Will be a nice chill evening.

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