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Monday, February 20, 2017
Brand brand new

So, the last week has been mildly eventful lol

Last Monday Abi and Rachel came to work and we did a tour and went out on the terrace and it was v fun indeed, after work I met them at a pub/bar thing called Studio 6 and Coleen Nolan was there looking haggard af and it was jokes

Tuesday was boring af but I went to the gym afterwards and really enjoyed it. Work was fine on Wednesday, we had a team meeting in All Bar One which was interesting and then I went to Slug and Lettuce with Rachel and Abi, we obviously ended up in Be at One and not so obviously ended up by the river where Abi threw up and she and I fell over looool it was sooo much fun

Thursday was fine, not much happened and I got to call Alex on the way home which was nice. Friday I worked from home/Starbucks and got to hang out with my grandparents and all that which was good, and then me and mum went to Franco Manca in Chiswick and had pizza (obviously cheeseless for me) and it was v v nice!

Saturday I bought a really cool dress, and then in the evening me, Rachel and Abi (can you see a theme emerging here) went to see Wilkinson and it was absolutely fucking live except for all the topless guys here there and everywhere. The music was sick and we'd been waiting for it for ages so it was so good!

Then we went to Big Chill in King's Cross because it was free, it was really fun and had a lovely roof terrace although the music was a bit cheesy, and yeah I don't know really but it was all in all a good night even though I get the feeling I embarrassed myself a little bit by gushing lmao but I guess we've all been there

Then yesterday and today I've felt quite sombre. Sebastian and I have been on a break that I instigated for over a week and I have no idea what the right decision to make is, which is obviously fantastic, so yeah everything is rosy :-)

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