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Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Barcelona, Berlin and now Bergen

I've done some cool things since the last time I wrote in here :-)

In the first week, I went for dinner with Alice at Cafe Venice which was really nice - 3 courses and a glass of wine for £20.20, get in mate - and then we popped to the pub and it was chill. I also went to see I, Daniel Blake at the cinema with my mum and it reignited a lot of my righteous anger for the fucking Tories! The day after I had a nice day at work with Carissa and then went to see A Streetcat Named Bob with Sebastian after, which was a comparatively much more heartwarming film and a nice end to the week!

At the weekend I had a Spoons breakfast with Sebastian, went to Kingston with Abi in a failed attempt to get a present for Rachel, and then after popping home went to see the Kempton Park fireworks with her and Rach which was v nice, then we went to Spoons again - keepin it local - where they now do a bottle of prosecco for 11 quid, so guess what I went for, and then we went back to Flower's house for a bit more drink and to see her lovely cat, and Steve came in absolutely fucked which was jokes, lovely evening and went to the gym on Sunday morning which I absolutely love doing! Grandad had dinner with us on the Sunday which was unprecedented and really lovely, and we all had a nice long chat after dinner before a chill evening with Humans and Black Mirror.

The next week, I Facetimed Laura for two fuckin hours after work on Monday and went to see The Girl on the Train with Carissa on Tuesday - film wasn't that great but it was really nice to do something different outside of work! Wednesday, we actually had a work lunch which is unusual and v nice, and after work I went to the Slug and Lettuce with Rachel and Abi where we got through three bottles of wine, then onto Be at One where we had another bottle of wine and the basement all to ourselves so we were being proper losers and having a little dance and it was great!

Then on Friday, I worked half a day from home and then got ready to go to Norway!! I only just realised that this year all the places I've visited abroad have started with B - Barcelona, Berlin and now Bergen! I arrived at midnight-ish Bergen time and Eline's parents had done crisps and dips and cava which was v v cute! Also had this fizzy Christmas drink called Julebrus which was siiiick and tasted so bad for me

On Saturday Eline's parents did like a buffet breakfast and it was lovely, everything tasted gr9 and it was just so sweet of them! After that we went to Eline and Hakan's flat and I went to the city centre with both of them, and then Hakan left and me and Eline had a proper look in some clothes shops which is always fun

Then we met Kaja and went food shopping, cooked and watched some awful English TV crap before getting ready, then Eline's other friend Mariell came over and we did drinkinnnnn and listening to Spotify and it was well sick m8 and then we went to this bar called Brukbar, Mariell was too drunk so had to leave and then after a while Hakan came, we did loads of singing and stuff and it was really nice, and Hakan bought me v nice chips from the kebab place on the way back!

We stayed up and talked about loads of stuff for a while when we got back and Hakan was more chatty because sometimes he's quite shy, then I went to sleeeep and on Sunday we went up a mountain! It's called Mount Fløyer and we got a cable car/train thing up which was so cool and when we were up there we saw goats and I love goats so much!!! So that was v exciting, as was getting to see Bergen from that high up and you know, actually being on a mountain. Afterwards we had cinnamon buns at this bakery and then in the evening went back to Eline's parents where they cooked and we chiiiilled

On Monday morning we went to what seemed like outlet stores or was maybe just a more suburban shopping centre and we had a drive around which I always like doing as well. Then I had to fly home which kind of sucked but when I got home I had a proper shower and hair wash and then watched the TV adaptation of one of my favourite books, N-W by Zadie Smith, with mum and it was actually v nice!

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