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Monday, October 31, 2016
All my people

I've been p ill since a day after the last blog lol so I'm not sure how much I've actually done

In the first week, I went for cocktails with Louisa at the Slug and Lettuce after work and the next day to Spoons with Rachel, Kim, Abi, Abby and Kinga which was so nice!! Haven't seen everyone - majority of the yucky sluts - together for ages and it was sick, was kind of like the old times (have been majorly missing college recently which is a bit odd), we ended up talking about squirting again, god knows why this always happens with them. I didn't go to work the next day because I was too ill but I did go to the Fallow Deer in Teddington for lunch with Rachel and Abi which was v nice indeed, and hung out with Sebastian on the Friday evening

At the weekend I went to Bath with Louisa, Rebecca and Ellie for Mary's birthday, we got a coach and that was fine, I found out I can play back 1Xtra shows on my iPad which has given me no end of joy since and the afternoon was nice, we just chilled at her house etc etc and the predrinks were fine even though I didn't like her friends that much, and going out was horrendous because I felt so ill hahahaha

The next day we went for a walk round Bath which was lovely, it was nice to see all the sights again after a couple of years and we had coffee in Jacob's which is a v nice coffee shop, and then we got the coach back again

Last week at work we had work experience all week, they were both really funny which was good! Went for fish and chips at nan and grandad's after work last week which was nice, on the Tuesday had a coffee with Kathrine at lunchtime and went to Amy's after work and we just ate and chilled. On the Wednesday I came home from work early for a doctor's appointment just to be told it was viral. On Friday Ruth took us for cake which was v fun and cute, then I gave Viktor and Swedish Sebastian a tour of Parliament which was pretty cool and we had coffee afterwards, which was nice, then I came home and felt pretty ill lol

On Saturday Eline's parents took me and Nour and Sebastian and a couple of Eline's cousins for lunch at Pizza Express which was v nice and then in the evening me and Rachel and Amy went up to Sofie/Emilie etc's flat and Kathrine and Viktor were there too to go out for Halloween! The predrinks were fun and cute and stuff but not that many of us went out and I don't think anyone was that much in the mood which sucked a bit. It was still a good night though!

Sunday was a really nice day, I got up late and was quite productive with sorting stuff out, and then we went to nan and grandad's for dinner and after a while came home and then I finally felt well enough to go for an hour long walk which I really really enjoyed! Then I had a bath with a bath bomb, Facetimed Alex for a bit and then it was the new series of Humans which I love

Today I gave Eline's parents a tour of Parliament and whilst I was on the tour we saw Dennis Skinner lol and I saw Kasim from college!! That was amazing but we didn't get to talk for ages but still, it was really cool especially considering how much I've been thinking of college recently :-) quite an awesome thing to happen at work.

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