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Charlotte. I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Check your facts.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016
I'm as elegant as an African elephant

Well I haven't done a blog post in quite a while!

On the first weekend of the month, me, Alice and Amy went to Ladies Festival in Stratford-upon-Avon and it was so much fun! On the first day we looked around the town and even though it rained it was really nice, we went to a pub there and had some food and when we got back to the hotel we went to the swimming pool for a bit which was really nice and relaxing. After that we helped them set up a little bit and then went to get ready, me and Amy shared this room which was really amazing and huge so we had a couple of drinks there and then went to Alice's room and finished getting ready there, I was pleasantly surprised with how nice I managed to look :-)

In the evening there was this dinner thingy and some people at our table were really horrible but the food was lovely and we spent the whole thing drinking and laughing and it was so nice! Alice did a raffle after that and then we went back to her room to do power drinking and laugh about the horrible people and then back down to dance and it was so so good! We then went to the bar area to drink for a while before me and Amy went to bed and that was so nice too, it was proper queen size and I thought I hadn't been near her all night but apparently I took the covers, she took them back so I went to get them back and laughed at her in my you do...

On the Sunday we were really tired but we went to a lovely pub on the way back and then did a big sleep in the car, went to see my grandparents for a bit and chilled in the evening :-)

That week I didn't do that much, I've started my university of Amsterdam masters application, I got my helix pierced with Amy and then we went for a drink which was really nice, it hurt like hell but we went to some random place and just chilled :-) on the Friday Sebastian stayed over and we cooked and watched Gogglebox which was v nice

On the Saturday I chilled which was really needed, hung out with my grandparents in the afternoon and then met Rachel to get our Bestival photos developed, and then after hanging out at hers for a while we went to Abi's once she got back from Ireland and drank wine and watched Gone Girl with her lovely lovely cat Misty and it was v relaxing and nice! On the Sunday I went to the gym which I really enjoyed and then had roast at my grandparents' and watched Yasmin in the evening with mum, which I enjoyed as much as I remembered enjoying it when I watched it in my A-level Sociology!

This week just gone, I watched Derren Brown's Miracle with mum on Monday which was a v nice evening, went to All Bar One near Waterloo with Louisa, Rebecca and Ellie on Tuesday for some wine and 'small plates' lol I'm so bougie, it was really nice and I hadn't seen any of them for aaaaages

Wednesday I think I just came home after work and on Thursday I went to the gym and did 5km which I was really pleased about after a really shitty day at work! Friday was an alright day, and afterwards I went to Jolly's to have a curry with Sebastian which was very very lovely! We chilled after that and I had a proper lie in on Saturday for the first time in forever, and we had a coffee in Starbucks :-)

In the afternoon I did more of my UvA application and then watched an episode of Mr. Robot before hanging out with my grandparents and having dinner there and coming home to get ready before Rachel picked me up and we went to Abi's - we had a couple of drinks and hung out with lovely Misty and then got the trains to Brixton to go to David Rodigan's Ram Jam :-)

It was SO FUN, we got in and were like ummmm but once it dropped and we were sorted it was sick except Abi sometimes wasn't feeling it work and Rachel feeling a bit sicky at some point, I didn't feel tired all night and my back didn't hurt! The music was sick especially David Rodigan's set, he's really mad but in a good way and we were dancing for literally five hours, it was suuuuch a good night, and we did the whole obligatory affection thing which is proper bloody gross lol

We left at 4.40 and the night bus home wasn't too bad, we slept on Abi's sofabed and this morning Abi and Misty came in and we all died together, seeing as we had four hours sleep lol, all of us have chewed our cheeks a bit looool but it was a 10/10 night, one of the best we've had :-) today I had a roast at my grandparents' and went for a coffee with mum, and now we're going to watch the Big Short :-) couple of not great weeks but really good weekends!

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