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Sunday, August 21, 2016
Never have I ever been chucked out of Pryzm

I've had such a busy week this week even though work dragged like shit

  • Tuesday I went to the Old Thameside Inn with Alex and we had three beers and I was properly feeling them tbh and we talked about everything and it was sick! This was after I took him on a tour of Parliament which I think he quite enjoyed :-) on the walk back to Waterloo we stopped to take loads of pictures and listen to music and it was sooooo chill and nice
  • Wednesday I did a tour with some people and they were really nice, and then after work I went to a pop up bar on Southbank with Mary and Rebecca and we drank Pimms (pumms) and chatted about stuff n it was v cute
  • Thursday after work I met Rachel and Abi!!!!!! Omg she is back from Australia and I am so so so happy, we went to the Prince Blucher which is my absolute fave and shared two bottles of wine and had beers and it was like she never left!! Abby came for the last hour too and ahhhh it was just the best
  • Friday I went for a two hour lunch (lol) with Abi and Rachel in Bill's in Richmond, we drove there and back and it was just so nice and I was v happy, and then in the evening Sebastian came over and we had curry and chilled and I was beyond tired tbh
  • In the morning we went to Hounslow and had a wander around and I got my eyebrows done and stuff like that, bitty things, and chilled out before I went to see nan and grandad and helped them defrost a freezer and chilled with them :-) then in the afternoon Laura came round and we ate and got ready to go out which seemed to take ageeeees but it was still fun! We then met Rachel on the bus and went to Abi's and she has a new cat! Her name is Misty and I'm in love, she is fully beautiful and I love her!
  • We played never have I ever and then there was some Rachel drama lol and we listened to a bit of music and it was really fun, but as soon as we got to the club it went a bit weird, we got in for free because these creepy guys wanted us to sit at their table but I was so tired already and then Abi bloody went missing and we spent ages looking for her
  • We couldn't actually find her and we went back home without knowing where she was but found out this morning she got kicked out and got home at 7 and the club's procedure was shit but blah blah blah, me Laura and Rachel went to Spoons before meeting Flower at Starbucks where she told us everything hahahaha and then I went for dinner with nan and grandad :-) had a bath bomb afterwards and I've chilled so a v nice week all round!

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