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Charlotte. I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Check your facts.

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Monday, August 08, 2016
Best to you

I've been doing a lot of work so not much interesting to write about there! I'm settling in but there's still stuff I don't know how to do obviously, it's OK and of course I'd rather be at uni but lol I think all my friends feel the same so it's not like I'm alone which defo does help.

In amongst the boring ass job stuff:

  • Went to the London Apprentice with Amy and Alice which was v fun and cute
  • Lunch at One Over the Ait for Damon's leaving and Sam's birthday which was nice and then went to nan and grandad's with mum and grandad made chips!
  • Worked from Hounslow then home and then chilled in the garden with Sebastian which was v nice
  • On the Saturday had lunch with Sebastian in Bellissimo's in Twickenham and then to Kingston with Rachel for some shopping, before we got ready for Anna's birthday at mine and then went, Abby came too and imo it wasn't the best because we didn't know anyone but it was nice to be out
  • The Sunday I went to the gym and then slept in the afternoon lol
  • Met people from NA at work which was cool before going to Spoons with Rachel, Kinga, Laura and Abby which was soooooo fun, we had drinks and bitched about people and had bare gossip actually and it was well sick and Abby met a guy at Anna's looool it was so jokes his conversation was dead, she was trying so hard hahahaha
  • Went to nan and grandad's one day after work and grandad read out a really funny poem he'd written and it was v cute
  • Went to a CCG meeting with Ruth and that evening went to the Prince Blucher with Sebastian which was lovely, we sat out in the garden and it was v chill and nice and we came home and felt v into each other which is cringe but cute
  • Saturday I spent with Sebastian having v cheap lemonades and a baked potato up the high street and then we went to my grandparents' and mum came too - then Amy drove me and Alice to the Everyman in Esher and we watched Suicide Squad which was sick! Then we had some drinks behind Amy's house on the river and then a couple in her garden
  • Sunday I ran 5km which I was p pleased with and hung out with my family and it was really nice to actually chill and spend time with them :-)

There's good and bad in everything I guess

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